6/15/04 FCST: Eastern Colorado

The Day After case, but with a High Pressure system as opposed to a post-frontal setup.. although the potential exists for severe storm development, cooler temps may hinder the potential quite a bit for Tuesday. I do think Monday's chances are better, but as long as upslope and a SW flow exist over the area, that'll create favorable conditions as long as moisture can creep in. With surface winds creating the upslope flow over the region working with a SW flow over the state, potential exists for storms to fire if temps can warm up.

Again, any thoughts?
I'm trying to figure out why nobody is talking about today at all. Quite surprising. Although SPC has lost a bit of confidence in this system's punch, I still think if you get in position early, there will be some tubes to see. Get there late, and you'll have nothing but an MCS chasing you all the way home.

Target: I-80 Corridor from North Platte to Kearney
Looks like a good Denver cyclone today with winds out of the N in Boulder, NW in Denver and SE in Limon, CO. I'm going to try and catch a landspout or two out by DIA before the Rockies/Redsox game tonight.
I, too, would like to know why nobody's talking about today. I'm still looking for that right spot to check out this afternoon. Its getting pretty late, yet nothing's looking too promising right now.
There looks to be some schmutz that's trying to resemble an outflow boundary, a remant of overnight storms, in SE Nebraska. A little punch of juicy air streaming towards S.D., with a little more hating and forcing, and some renegade might fire along it. It's a long shot, but I really don't want to wait around for an overnight squaller. Although those are right up Natalie's alley, with her affinity for great lightning shots. ;)

Still contemplating.......
Looks like one little cell trying to get its act together west of Amarillo, right on the NM/TX line. Pulsing up and down. Setting here at work in Dumas, TX just "itching" to get out there. Think I'll wait to see if stays isolated and can get rooted in some of this soupy TX panhandle moisture. :wink: :D

Hopefully, if it moves E/NE... it'll come pretty much right at me. Can a guy be so lucky ??