5/28/06 NOW: NE / SD / ND

Severe watch box up for Western South Dakota and Nebraska with storms firing in the extreme western parts of the states. Verne and Michael Carlson backing west on I-90 right now back towards Murdo to get a better fix on things.

SPC meso-analysis showing all the CAPE towards the Central and Western parts of the state. Supercell composites higher in south-central SD ATTM as well as in the Winner area. No storms there.

I am currently in Sioux Falls, SD under clear blue skies and gusty winds. Don't expect anything here at all, but will remain in place here.
Mesoscale just isssued. We're sitting in Springfield, SD holding tight.

Bill Combes
F5 Tornado Safaris
Persistent convergence has popped a couple of updrafts near the triple point low over Towner County, ND. One seems to be intensifying on radar as it moves NNE. The storm will likely encounter strong inhibition very soon after it crosses the Canadian border, but over the next 30-60 minutes may be in a favorable environment to become supercellular. Just having glanced at things, the degree of low-level shear and low-level bouyancy doesn't seem easy to ascertain with the sparse data network, but I'd expect a respectable low-level sr-hodograph there near the Canadian border... but again, the warm sector abruptly ends just north of there.
Well - - - in the middle of a bust. Sitting close to the TP right now. I let the dryline go by ... it's 90/55 in O'Neill right now, according to my Kestrel. And not a decent piece of Cu in sight. Some high cirrus along the boundary to the northwest, but nothing that I can see that indicates initiation to my northeast. Think I'll bunk down for the night and see how tomorrow looks.
There was a nice tower that went up quickly about 15 minutes ago in EC SD- it came apart just as fast as it went up. Im in Brookings still watching some attempts at Cu. Im at least a little interested in the area around Mitchell (2z RUC intiation). Pretty unlikely but at least a tad of hope in the immediate spectrum.
I just got off the phone with Verne Carlson; he and his son are just off I-90 at the entrance to the Badlands Park on a tornado warned cell which he describes as having beautiful stacked plate appearance, incredible lightning, and an all around awesome storm.
Verne is still on the cell and has reported quarter sized hail and six inch hail drifts. The TIV is in the area as well. He's heard reports of spotters indicating a tornado to his southwest moving northeast; he's backing out of the rain (moving east) to get better view of storm. He cannot confirm tornado report.

His exact location as of 10:46pm is 10 miles east of Kadoka on I-90 (between Kadoka and Stanford) waiting for the storm to pass in front of him.

LATER EDIT: He is reporting shreaded vegitation across I-90 near Okaton.