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5/11/2006 NOW: NC/VA

I will start a NOW thread since convection is developing across western Virginia and North Carolina. There is some clearing to the SE and SW of Richmond with nice SE winds. Instability is low but improving with dewpoints in the low to mid 60's across most of VA/NC. I am still stuck at work. I would rather be a bit south, maybe Petersburg at this time. I am suprised an MCD hasn't been issued for S Central and E VA, E NC. I can probably leave by 4:30PM.

Bill Hark
Tornado watch for central and eastern Virginia! I'm out the door in about 10 minutes. Already some nice clearing in the Richmond area.

Bill Hark
Tornado Watch #342 just issued for the eastern half of Virginia and much of northern North Carolina. Also SPC 2000 Z Outlook upgraded to 5% tornado from a line east of Richomd, VA south to about Greenville, NC.
Tornado warning just issued for FLUVANNA COUNTY in central Virginia until 5:15 EST
The cell moving out of Louisa is right on the warm front, but it isn't looking too healthy/reflectivities are lesser. The couplet is holding strong though.
Sitting in Roanake Rapids, NC waiting for the cell to our SW to come over. Cu are getting sheared in this meager CAPE enviornment and since none this far S are rooted in the boundary layer, they are moving at the speed of sound. Can't get up to the wf in VA since it's practically at the MD/VA border. We need the helicity for a real tornado threat.