5/10/06 DISC: AR / MS / AL

I had earlier talked with Charles Edwards of Cloud 9 Tours. His group along with George Kourounis saw a large funnel west of Brookhaven, MS. It was unclear due to trees if the funnel actually touched the ground. They later saw a large wall cloud becoming rain-wrapped. Very wild day for the South with multiple tornado reports.

Bill Hark
Talked to Erik Perozo earlier who was chasing with Brandon Clement..

He said they had witnessed a rather nice funnel but after video review it was obvious it was a fairly brief multivortex tornado. I believe he said he was south of vicksburg along us 61.

hopefully he'll post his stills.

I got some very small hail (peas) here in Mobile, AL briefly as the MCS sagged southward. It was interesting to watch some smaller storm initiate right off the outflow boundary as it approached the Gulf.
Started out in Ft. Smith at 8am and headed south towards Little Rock and then towards Pine Bluff. Once in Pine Bluff we traveled south towards Bastrop. Our target area for the day was eastern LA and Western MS. Met up with Brandon Clement in Vicksburg and got on a storm coming over Vicksburg. We decided to travel south to another developing supercell to the SW thinking it was going to cutoff the inflow to the northern cell, I guess we should have stayed on it because I could have seen a good tornado near Pelahatchie about 20 miles W of my house. OH WELL. Started down Hwy 27 south to Hwy 18 near Utica. In Utica we decided to drop down towards Port Gibson. Looking for a road that traveled NE we decided to get on the Natchez Trace Hwy. About 4 miles up the road we saw a nice clearing in the good ole piney woods of MS so we decided to stop, knowing we probably wouldn't get to a better vantage point. So around 5:39 PM we saw a distinct funnel to our North. At first we just discussed with one another that it was indeed a funnel but later when viewing the video, it showed evidence of a multiple vortex tornado. On video one can pick out 3 vortices. It only lasted for 30 secs or so and was nothing to brag about by no means. Well I am glad I finally saw another tornado in MS. I have only seen 2 in my career of chasing the Piney Woods in 14yrs of chasing. I HATE it. I know that doesn't seem like much but those that were chasing today know the feeling. I have to say Good Job for those chasers today that did see one. Just simply good job for seeing a wall cloud in my book.
After viewing that tornado we decided to go after the Natchez Storm hoping we might catch it before it traveled into the Brookhaven area. We had to core punch this storm and it led to a miserable rest of the evening. Well ended up in Brookhaven and decided to grab some dinner at McD's and set up to get some lightning photos.

Tornado N of Port Gibson, I know Stills don't look good but video shows evidence of vortices[attachmentid=268]
Lightning east of Brookhaven[attachmentid=269]
I guess I did see a tornado yesterday. I haven't even looked at the video since I was recording on standby (DOH!) while the tornado was happening but I knew it was at least a funnel and that we saw at least gustnadoes taking place in other areas. It was really an odd situation. The radar was showing a decent couplet and the area we were in is literally nothing but very thick, tall pine trees with a lot of hills and we just happened upon this massive clearing just a couple mile SE of the rotation. Shortly after the storm produced there was another cell that was looking incredible to the south and we took off after it but we had to make a 60 mile drive to go 35 miles because of NO roads. The storm was moving at 32 MPH when we started going after it and we got pretty close at one point but it began to accelerate to 45mph and we were in the core. We were going to try and cut right in front of the strong rotation but when the radar updated it was apparent that the storm was accelerating and at best we could have driven into the tornado. The hook on this storm was not on the SW quadrant but in the middle of the cell to the south and had a thick hail core just behind it. So we tried to get ahead of it and cut south but we were too late. There was a tornado reported by several law enforcement and chasers 12 miles NW of Brookhaven, Ms just two minutes after we had turned around and decided not to risk dropping south. We were 14 miles NNW of Brookhaven at the time with no road options. It was a tough chase but fun none the less. I will look at the video and see what we have and and try and post a couple pics later today.
After looking at the video I did capture the multi vortex and it can be seen clear as day. I have a new camcorder and don't have the correct firewire to upload it. I will try to get one sometime today and post it. Here is a pic of the wallcloud a couple minutes after the tornado hit with a lucky lightning catch. I have a pic of the tornado too but it is the same as posted above but not nearly as clear (Erik's rebel makes me look silly).

Started the day in Jackson after a long nights drive from Texarkana. When it became clear that nothing of major interest would develop along the outflow boundary to the north, went west to try to intercept the more isolated cells that had already produced in Louisiana. played the back road north of 84 to try and find something around the crystal springs-brookhaven cells. observed what appeared to be a large rain-wrapped lowering near crystal springs with much cloud debris, but saw much more of tall trees lining the roadsides. A very humbling chase. I never saw much in the way of inflow anywhere around the cells so id love to see pics of the tornadoes we apparently missed. Great light show last night while drinking tecatas at a mexican place in mccomb, along with Todd T's chase tour group. Big CG took out the power in the shopping center for a couple minutes. I think im chasing in June next year. Im sick of outflow-dominated hps with no structure. We're trying to decide whether its worth continuing the 4 days left i have in this trip. Beautiful day today here in Mccomb!
Hi guys,

For those that spotted the "multi-vortex" tornado in western Missouri, we were up close and personal to the this particular storm base and wall cloud near Brookhaven.


I could not discern a tornado from within 1/4 of a mile. We had moderate rotation and rising scud under the base though no debri anywhere nearby and we followed it into the woods towards the main highway. This wall cloud was photographed and filmed about 6 miles WNW of Brookhaven.


Jimmy Deguara