2/27/11 NOW: OK, KS, MO, AR, TN

Surprised noone is still talking about the storm that produced earlier. It is still raging with reports of funnel clouds and baseball sized hail near Buffalo, MO and heading right towards Lebanon (my virtual chase target picked last night). Interesting how it didn't let the cold pool from the surrounding storms cut it off but actually manage to latch onto the northern edge and still work it as the gust front moves east...

There she goes... I just had to say something...

St. Louis about to get slammed by a bowing segment at the moment as well. Northern bookend vorticy is aimed right at the north metro.

05Z Smartmodel severe threat, I am seeing couple of high threat areas, one is the NW AR and SE MO this one has been there for the last few runs, looking for potential 65-75KT winds and 1.75" Hail in that area, and still the possibility of tornadoes in that region.