1/16/07 NOW:TX,LA,MS,AL,TN,GA,SC (Winter Precip)

Jordan Hartley

I just took a look at the radar cause ive been busy at work all morning:). There is a major ice storm that has developed across a large part of the gulf coast region this morning. E Tx is under an ice storm warning until 9am Wednesday, LA NWS has not issued an ice storm warning yet but there is a winter weather advisory until Wednesday morning along with flood warnings all across S LA, MS also has numerous flood warnings based apon rainfall that has already occured along with anticipated rain for the next 12 hrs but again no ice warnings at this time and the same goes along with every state east of MS not including FL. Anyone on ST live that far south whats going on down there?
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As much traffic as the Jan. 12-15 Now forcast thread had im surprised that no one has replyed to this topic. This ice storm has turned into one of the worst winter disasters this country has ever seen. The shear size of the precip line is impressive. I think everybody let their guard down and thought the show was over but actually this is the grand finale. NWS in south central Texas is saying that area should expect at least 1 1/2 in and you can take that all the way east as far as South Carolina. It looks like the precip line is is horizontal now from west to east and doesnt look to be digging any further south. This is an event for the gulf coast states and they all got caught off guard... opps.:confused: I even heard Houston is under a Ice storm warning lol?!?
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WOW E Tx is getting slammed hard... there is still alot of precip falling over E Tx & W LA this morning. Theres got to be places where they have picked up 2-3 in. of ice. Ice storm warnings still in affect for portions of TX and LA. All this energy is feeding that big storm out in the Atlantic which is why there is no S movement of this line. If anything the line is starting to march back to the north. Most of Oklahoma is seeing snow right now. It will be fun watching this play out today.
An inch of snow is on the ground in Raleigh, NC this morning, with a few hours of freezing rain in progress now across the Carolinas. This is a fairly rare event (once every 1 to 3 years) for that part of the country.