07/02/2005 TALK: No. Plains

Mar 21, 2005
Denver, CO
Well I guess SPC was checking out our discussion about today and extended the slight into Neb. They finally wised up....NO just kidding :lol: The RUC is more aggressive breaking out precip, should see some nice storms up there today.
We had several tornadoes yesterday in southern Saskatchewan with one that got captured by Stacey Vicary east of Regina. (posted on CanadianPrairieStorms Yahoo group)

Today looks like a way more active day with a tornado already reported:
"...As of 12:25 PM there are some thunderstorms already in southwestern Saskatchewan. A second hand report from rcmp indicates that a tornado or funnel cloud may have briefly touched down near dollar just northwest of Shaunavon. This thunderstorm has been warned."

Stuff has just started to fire up and it looks like all of the southern Canadian prairies will see storms. Hopefully I can get in a good chase this afternoon...

According to SPC mesoscale analysis, the cap is still present, but weakening along an area of deep moisture convergence across central Neb. Towers look good on satellite, but can they get through the cap is the question. The speed max will be working through this area in the next hour or two. That should be enough to get things up. I would like to see Td's a little higher, mid 60's to upper 60's, maybe a few 70's will have to do.