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Wind Profilers

There was an excellent article in the Dec 04 issue of BAMS about wind profilers/network. Was wondering how much experience everyone has in dealing with these. I knew they existed but never looked into it. Now I am questioning my stupidity for not investigating them earlier. Sorry if this topic has been discussed earlier. The link is here.

Are you talking about using wind profiler data? I think most chasers use wind profiler data for target preparation, etc. It's certainly nice to have for verifying model forecasts, etc... Now, we just need a profiler with 50m vertical resolution and a 1 minute temporal resolution.
I use them alot when forecasting my target. especially the ones out west in New Mexico. They can give you an idea of whats coming in and the timing ans speed of "jet max's" etc..etc..

Just wish they had a few in the Texas panhandle and west kansas. The ones I probably use most are Tucumcarri, NM. white sands, NM (when it works) and Vici,Ok.
Are you talking about using wind profiler data?

Yes. I can't believe how apathetic I was about this.

It's certainly nice to have for verifying model forecasts

That was a main focus of the paper, and what really interested me. What would be the most efficient way of doing that? Plotting out model soundings and comparing it to the data? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

white sands, NM (when it works)

That was another question, how reliable is this network? Alot of downtime?
Most seem reliable. For some reason White Sands (Missile test range)seems to be the one that has the most problems.

Maybe they are testing a new hypersonic aircraft and dont want the profiler picking up the wake !! :wink: :twisted:
i second the thought about better spatial and temporal resolution. They are typically one of the "must get" pieces of information on a severe weather day. The most important ones to me in East Texas are Jayton TX, and the one just down the road from me in Palestine, TX.