Wilson Cellular Amplifiers

Is anyone out there using an amplifier in conjunction with their Wilson Cellular antenna? Despite having Cingular, which has pretty good coverage over OK and KS, the last 3 times I've been out chasing I ended up in an area where my phone didn't work. Since WxWorx is too spendy for me, I've gotta rely on cellular internet for my data, and it'd be nice to have access to that whenever it was needed.

Their web site has more information.
Yes, I use both the Wilson Trucker model cell antenna and a 3 watt Wilson amp. I consider both among the best investments I ever made. I actually use mine in a static position, from my home.

Prior to buying the antenna and amp, I had no signal at all here at my home, because I live a good amount of distance to the nearest cell site and the terrain is pretty bad as well. By adding the antenna alone, my signal was boosted to about 1 or 2 bars. Then when I hooked up the amp, it varied between 3 and a full 4 bars. Since getting this, I've never had a dropped call that was on my end. Amazing difference. It's like having the power of the old analog 3 watt bag phones again.

Whenever I can afford to do so, I'd like to add another one of these to my primary vehicle as well. They are great.
I have used the Wilson cell phone amp for 2 years...and it DOES seem to make a difference in reception. We were able to connect in the Yuma County CO black hole with it last year. One note: buy an extra cable that runs from your phone to the amp...it is pretty light-gauge and last year a wayward foot pulled the connector off when my partner was exiting the vehicle! :angry: -Dave