Which is your best chase of 2004?

Jun 26, 2004
Italy/Tornado Alley
My name's Andrea and I'm an italian storm chaser.
Last may I and my chase partner were in tornado alley to chase:we went in South Dakota, in Iowa, in Nebraska and in Harper county...We chased some beautiful supercells.
I've felt some emotions you can't imagine!!You, american chasers, have some supercells that here in Italy I've never seen!!You have to thank the low level jet and your Rocky Mountain.
But over all the Harper county meso was fantastic....Really incredible....
Here there's one photo of Harper meso of 12 may with lighting taken form 160 street:

[Broken External Image]:http://www.stormnet.it/VoicesFromTheSky/usa2004/tour/Foto Andrea Griffa 013.jpg

Here the LP supercell of Isabel near harper supercell:

[Broken External Image]:http://www.stormnet.it/VoicesFromTheSky/usa2004/tour/Foto Andrea Griffa 007.jpg

then there's the Dallas county supercell with this amazing wall cloud:

[Broken External Image]:http://www.stormnet.it/VoicesFromTheSky/usa2004/tour/Foto Andrea Griffa 069.jpg
i would have to say my trip to lansing to catch the only tornadic storm in michigan with chaser nick grillo :). a nice wall cloud and possible tornado :D. july 13 2004
May 29, Jamestow/Belleville Supercell complex

All those tornados, an anticyclonic sneaking down behind us, just the best day ever for me.
Originally posted by Richard Halter
May 29, Jamestow/Belleville Supercell complex

All those tornados, an anticyclonic sneaking down behind us, just the best day ever for me.

May 29:a beautiful day. Make me see something of your best photo....
Maybe you were near Conway spring?
Impossible to choose one in a year like this. I'll go with the "Big Three"

May 12
May 29
June 12

All of these days had aspects that make them tops, so I'll say all three were my best days, because there's no way I could pick one of the group, even if my life depended on it. This is a problem I don't mind having.
May 12 for imagery and luck, pretty much everything went right.

May 20 for satisfaction level because we started the day in De Soto Iowa, drove like crazy to near Last Chance, Colorado, and followed a storm way past dark to finally see a tornado near midnight in Washington County, CO. We took a big gamble and it paid off.
I'm with SA on this one for sure. No way to pick a best this year.
Tied between May 12 and June 12. Saw my first tornado on May 12 and my 12th tornado on June 12. A season of twelves.
This was the first year I finally had the time and money to chase the plains, and boy did it pay off in spades. We were out from 5/18-5/28 in celebration of our college graduation, and the top three were:

1) May 24th - 10-12 (lost count) tornadoes in S. NE/N. KS (avatar is two tornadoes from that day)
2) May 22nd- Hallam, NE wedge and fun/tense night in Beatrice
3) May 21st - Targeted Norfolk, NE (bit on northern cell), nice wall and possible tornado just after dark

All through it, I couldn't believe how well our target forecasting was paying off.

I'm still astounded by what a great trip it was. It's not often you get to write in a new #1 on the "greatest days of my life" list.
Very tough call ... the year was unbelievable. For me, it's probably a tie between May 22nd (Hallam), May 24th (NW Missouri), and May 29th (Jamestown-Belleville). Lots of wildness ... several intense encounters ... and some of the most beautiful skies I've seen.
I feel so small when I compare my best chase with your best chases; a strong multicell storm with a beautiful rollcloud.Please don't laugh :cry: LOL

The season is not entirely over though so there's still hope. :)

Simon *Keeping his fingers crossed*
June 11 Iowa was the best for me so far this year.

First chase across the Mississippi from OH. The action looked too good for two consecutive days, nebraska on June 10, Iowa on the 11'th. Missed the action in Nebraska but caught the FT Dodge tornadoes in Iowa.

Watched that storm grow and was about to give up and head North when the first funnel formed roped out and touched down W of Ft dodge.

My first Tornadoes so for now the best !

Nice thing about that storm was that we stayed out of the rain and hail.
2,500 miles in a few days but worth every cent of gas. Met a few other chasers in nebraska and Iowa. Nice folks.
May 12th for me...after two previous days of seeing a whole lot of nothin' (and missing the tornadofest in CO on the 10th) that day made the trip all worthwhile.