What year & radar site can this storm in Alabama be foun

May 18, 2005
I found this off of Baron's old site using the internet wayback machine.


There's a picture of a real nice hook echo. If memory serves, wasn't there a pretty big outbreak back in 1998? I think this may be a picture from that, but maybe someone here has this radar archived and could perhaps look up and try and find the exact date and radar site this was taken from.


I'm not familiar with "Canton, AL", but just judging from the appearance of the storm, if I had to bet, I would think there's a high probability that the radar image is of the 4/8/98 storm that produced the F5 near Birmingham.
It appears there is an error on the Baron webpage. That storm was actually near Clanton Alabama, not Canton. I couldn't find Canton in my AL Delormes book, so I looked further on the Baron page and found this image:

There, you can see the town names better: Clanton and Maplesville. Clanton is about 45 miles south of Birmingham on I-65. Looking at the URL of both images, the timestamp '19990203......' shows up. Assuming they're using actual data, that would be Feb 3, 1999.

I searched the AL tornado database and didn't find anything from that date. I also tried the online Storm Reports also, without luck. It is a nice hook, but either it didn't produce a tornado, or it just isn't in the online databases. I'll try to check the printed Storm Reports for that date and see what I turn up.