What are the "Ten Commandments" of stormchasing?

Jordan Hartley

I would like to know everyones opinion. Hopefully we can all come together and come up with 10 rules that you never should break while storm chasing. I'm sure there already is one out there that someone did on their own but I havent seen one on ST. I will make this project my baby for the next couple of weeks but I need some imput. When its all said and done we shall call it....
"The StormTrack 10 Commandments of Storm Chasing."

I have 2 rules that I would like everyone to follow if you do decide to participate in this:

1. Make a short but detailed summary of what the rule is and why it is important.

2. Do not make short comments on things that do not pertain directley to this topic. This is not an open discussion but suggestions pertaining to the topic are welcome. ;)
Thou shalt not see better storms than me :)

On a serious note:

Park WELL off the road out of the way of traffic.

Don't set up tripods IN the road.

Don't walk in front of someones camera. (they may be shooting timelapse and one frame of you in it can mess up a great shot)

Call in reports!!!! Don't assume others have reported it. Feb 23rd McLean TX tornado was seen by many chasers. There was only one report sent in to AMA.

Have fun!
Respect Lightning greatly lest thee be cris'ped and burnt.

Honor thy Authorities and First Responders for truly they must do the heavy lifting.

Thou shalt not drive recklessly.

When thou art chasing, thou shalt never cease chase-mode, lest thee become thyself chased and beset by the Elements.
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Good start so far but we need more suggestions. Heres what we got so far(Not in order):

1. Park WELL off the road out of the way of traffic.
2. Call in reports.
3. Respect lightning greatly.
4. Honor thy Authorities and First Responders
5. Thou shalt not drive recklessly.
6. Never cease chase-mode, Lest thee become thyself chased.
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1) Thou shalt not supt on Allsups bean burritos whilst standing upwind from a solid host of chasers.

2) Thou shalt avoid HP's..spawn of satan

3) Thou shalt turn around...don't drown

4) Thou shall not covet thine neighboring chasers ride or newest 3 CCD chip DV cam

5) Thou shalt respect other chasers as they shall show respect unto you

6) Thou shalt congregate at interstate data stops and let stories of yore to be passed along to the ages

7) Thou shalt remember May 3rd and keep it holy

8) Thou shalt behold TIV and pray for it's strength in the faces of cyclonic tempests

9) Thou shalt avoid any engagement in conversation with locals

10) Thou shalt respect the power of the Lord...he put you on this world chasers and can take you off of it just as fast.
1. Thou shalt not chaseth thy storm by night
2. Make sure thy car has spare tire!
3. Carry needle-nosed pliers (and other tools) to remove blown fuses so thou mayest not lose GPS, radar detecter, laptop connection, and cell-phone charger.
4. Never tempt thee thy God by being lightning rod.
5. Slow thy carriage down when thy road pondeth forth.
6. Always make sure thee has extra batteries for recording devises.
7. Don't sticketh thyself in mud, and thus become sitting duck.
8. Never parketh carriage on roadway, unless thy wouldst become roadkill.
9. Always calleth in report when you're the alpha chaser.
10. Help diggeth people out from rubble before thou taketh ANY pictures.
1. Thou shalt not second-guess your original chase target! (...unless revising your target ends up being a better forecast)

2. Thou shalt not abandon a storm if it isn't completely dead yet! (...unless you actually end up getting away with it and go on to intercept the storm of the day)

-Keep looking around, if everything looks good you propably missed something.

-Avoid being under the storm, instead of photos you'll only get water in various forms and various sizes.

Special rules for Finland:
-Avoid being trapped by lakes.
-Avoid being caught in forest (=3/4th of land area), your car won't like falling trees.
Shocked I didnt see my number one posted.

1. Thou shalt not chase alone, IF you do, focus only on your driving and Pick a destination where you will view the storm.

2. Thou shalt not Leave camera outside in the elements while you enjoy the warmth of your car or house.

3. Thou shalt not chase without a emergency plan.

4. Thou shalt not borrow a car to go stormchasing in.

5. Thou shalt always report the severe weather occuring