Weather Monitoring Software

patrick hedges

Im looking for some weather monitoring software to do some armchair storm chasing, and as an interactive tool to suppliment my studying. I was wondering if you had any suggestions.
I dont have anough money right now for a WX-Worx system, and was thinking along the lines of SwiftWX.
If you can't get WxWorx, I would go with SwiftWX... Have you tried playing around with their demo? I have found a few NEXRAD stations missing from their file list, mainly DTX and GRR, which is pretty much my local chasing region, they vowed to update the catalog, but haven't... Still very good program though! As for pure weather analysis and forecasting, I use NAWIPS, which is a Linux based software...
Thanks for the advice.
I tried fooling around with linux, but never got it working right, so I think I'll jut stick with SwiftWx.
Re: Gibson Ridge Level 3 Radar Software

Originally posted by Shawn Rutherford
Gibson Ridge is the best I've worked with so far.

Worth at least looking at...

website at

Pretty solid product.

Best of luck,


Yes, that is also an excellent product. Haven't used it much for L3 data, but it's the best for Level II...