WANTED: Oklahoma state tornado map w/ counties only

Saw one of these last year taped to a convience store window - showed the entire state of OK with ONLY counties in highlight (believe it was a state storm map)
Main purpose was to help track tornados by counties - " the cell in moving through s/west Pawnee County" ....and then you see a map of counties and can get a better location of where things are at.
If I lived in OK maybe I wouldnt need this but boy I would sure LOVE to have one to help crossover to SPC when they only show the shape of the county not the name!
I have seen some county maps in convenience stores in North Texas. I bought one of Texas and one of Oklahoma. They were 3"X5" and fit on the viser of the car. I con't remember where I saw them.

and do you have one of texas that is postable without too much trouble?

This sure is a great chase too when you are tuned into the weather channel or a local radio station


(would like a full size one if any one knows where I can secure one)
THANKS to both of you for a quick response - it'll be an inportant tool for my self and perhaps anyone else that stumbles across this thread
I dont think Id leave home without it !!!

These are absolutely wonderful resources!!! I have needed something like this for a long time. Thanks for starting this thread. :D
These type of maps are a must for nowcasters as well. I've found my road atlas helpful, but sometimes the county outline is very hard to make out among the roads and features. So I use these kind of maps to get zeroed in on a county and then the atlas for more detailed info once oriented to the county's outline.
I just went to sheila site where they printed easier than the ones here - for some reason texas was too big to get on these postings
Cool maps

Ok, not to seem like we are running a map store here but,,,,,,

Anyone got a Kansas map with just the counties they can post.
And not trying to sound greedy,,,,,,,Nebraska?????

I also compiled a list of every Skywarn spotter radio frequency in Kansas, that way if I am near a supercell/tornado, I can hear ongoing live reports from spotters as I drive leading me right to the heart of the action. If anyone wants the list I can email it to ya or even post it here if that is ok.

cool maps,, the sequel

Ok, i just read the entire thread and got the census link, and of course i got my map , thanks again.