That is unbelievable video! Stunning view of a tornado...the fellow taking footage couldn't have been further than 75 yards from the edge of the condensation funnel! :shock: That ranks up there with the most impressive tornado video I have ever seen. Damage looked to be in the F1-F2 range from what I could see from the videographers informal damage survey.

After reading Gabe's description I thought there may be another video. And there was and WOW! That is some incredible footage.
WOW. The tornado missed him by what looks like no more than two houses -- I agree with Gabe that this is way up there on the list of most impressive footage I've ever seen. Very lucky that no fatalities occurred with such rapid storm motion.
Is there more than one video? I can only find one link that works, and it shows a video of a grayish-white stovepipe tornado occasionally backlit by lightning. A cool video, but not quite as close as it sounds like from what you are saying (the videographer zooms in on the tornado at the start).

On a related note, didn't the ISU campus in Ames get hit by another tornado earlier this year?

The guy filming the second piece of footage from Woodward Iowa seemed to have a fair amount of knowledge. He only took cover for the minimum amount of time, and as soon as it had passed, he jumped out of the house to film it again. I was quite impressed.

It was terrible to see the damage he filmed, too, with the lady in her house. That made me remember just how fleetingly devastating these phenomena are.


I could not stop replaying that -- that ranks in the top 5 of best tornado footage I have ever seen. Absolutely incredible footage! All I can say is WOW!!!!!
The ISU cams also caught a tornado very near to the campus itself check it out...these images are in chronological
order beginning at 458PM CST and every minute after that.





The source is
"the video is proof you cant expect local air raid sirens to give you enough warning"

Not sure I understand...
I heard sirens in the video of the tornado in the distance...


Yes, im not talking about that video but the one where the tornado is close you cant hear them. Now most of us wouldnt depends on hearing the sirens but a lot of the general public does
Perhaps the general noise associated with having a debris-filled tornado maybe a block away made the sirens inaudible in that video.

What rdale said could be true as well. I remember the Stoughton sirens came on at about 6:15 on August 18, when the warning was first issued for southern Dane County and when the tornado was first forming. The sirens turned off about five minute later, were silent for about 10 minutes, then came back on around 6:30.
Obviously every locality has different policies... Good thing to check in your area. For some of ours, they sound with the TOR, a second time if a fire/police official sees it, and then at the end. Others just sound with the warning. One puts all the fire trucks in the city on the tarmac and sounds the rigs' sirens if one is actually spotted.

- Rob
We dodged another huge bullet with the Ames tornado. They actually evacuated the football stadium where Iowa st. was getting ready to play Colorado. They sent people to the basketball arena for shelter. Not sure if that is a good shelter but obvioulsy better than an open football stadium. The sirens were actually going off when they were evacuating. I am sure there was a bit of panic. Wonder how may people were already in the stands when it happened.

We have discussed this many times before on ST. Just a matter of time before it really happens.
I can't get the good video to work. The vid of the tornado far away works, but the close view footage won't play. Anyone else having this problem?