video camera protection

Feb 23, 2005
Mobile, AL
I find that not many Plains chasers use any sort ofcamera protection. I have seen come using a portabrace type rain cover but after Arlene and Ivan , I really need to invest in some camera protection. I was using teh old put a gallon ziplock bag over it with the opening pointing down. put a rubber band around the step up ring to my uv filter and then cut that portion of the bag out. Well in tropical condition i still find that and excessive (and potentially deadly to the camera) amount of moisture is collecting in the camera. my LCD started havign a little noise across it adn i noticed the inside of my lense had some very slight condensation (even with the protection of the UV filter.)

I cant afford the full on scuba housing liek Jim Edds uses but would liek to see what a few of you are using. even if it's a home brew solution I'm open to that as well. I have a plastic weather proof junction box for electrical stuff that could work as it has no holes and I could modify it as needed. only problem is acessing the controlls while not opening the housing to allow moisture in. i thought of using the handle form a sony tripod that has the controls and hook them up externally on the housing and somehow weather proof them. a schematic of the electronics in teh handle would be super helpful but I havent been able to find any yet.
those would be great for plains chasing where winds are relatively light compared to tropical systems. the constant wind seems to be what gets teh moisture in. Also SAND is a big problem when shooting stuff along the beach early on or even during the storm in the event of a weaker storm. I think a totally sealed enclosure is the way to go...

I found this and just may give it a shot. It's kinda what i had brewing in my head anyway and I like to make stuff.
I use a porta brace cover... paid a perty penny for it. i hear the Kata case however not as nice in manufacturing quality offers more protection from a downpour.. so would a trashbag i suppose... lol
yeah I liked the porta brace that Dan Robinson had during Ivan and Would love one for day to day vid and plains chasing. Again with the sand issue, fully sealed is what I'm gonna need I'm afraid. Thanks for all your opinions though!

and FWIW the scuba housing like Jim has is over $1k for the one that fits my camera :shock: