Very cold weather expected tonight in Estonia

EMHI says that air temperature tonight could drop as low as -26°F. There is a thread ongoing in Estonian weather forum about it. I would like to ask permission to post the link of the thread since it has meteorological relevance to this condition and it is one of few weather sources around here giving out info also in English.

Air is currently filled with ice crystals, if you stand behind a building and look at the Sun, you can see a light pillar around here right now. My windows are expected to freeze so I don't know for how long I am able to keep the weather cam online(I turn it off if windows freeze or if it is dark outside).

Cold weather is expected to last the whole week.
How close do you live to the Baltic Sea? Is this record breaking cold or does this happen every year/ few years? Does the Baltic Sea ever freeze over completely?
Estonia's all time record is -46,3°F. Yes, at least once a year, temperature goes to negative Fahrenheits. We had similar cold last year too. Then, air temperature dropped in Laguja down to -24°F. I live 150-200 miles away from Baltic Sea. Estonia is on the eastern bank of Baltic Sea. I haven't researched on the freezing of the sea. Meanwhile, people are urged to take precautions.
Interesting. The Baltic's always struck me as having a more European climate, but I guess Estonia is pretty far north, and doesn't get the moderating effects of the ocean like the rest of Europe.