Vehicle mods, ham equpment, etc. forum

Shawn Rutherford

I noticed a poll was taken (back in January, maybe) that asked whether people on here would like a forum for modifications, custom installs, etc. for chase vehicles...

In this relatively quiet time of year... yeah!

Why not?!

I'd really like to see how others have solved their problems of "cramming it all into the chase vehicle"!

Any takers?... or should I just act like Milton in "Office Space" and just mumble things and worry about where Lumbergh put my red stapler :wink:

I think a specific forum that each could post pics of their vehicles and discussions could ensue on things like "hey... how'd you do that" could flourish.


I would agree. I remember posting topics on installing my ham radio in my little toyota camry. I think a section on ham radio install and mod would be helpful. Also on any kind of installation relative to our hobby would be a priceless resource.
Tim has the final call on this, but I think what we've seen in the past is that there are as many calls for an additional forum for mods and gear as there are posts with actual mod/gear content. So far, this forum (Chase Equipment & Pit Stops) seems to have handled the gear traffic pretty well.

If you think about it, you can open a new topic in here on just about any aspect of chasing gear or any single piece of equipment you want. We could open a topic on the pros and cons of detachable faces on mobile dual-band rigs, for instance, and everybody could discuss it and post pics of their setup, etc. If somebody wanted to do that, I'd be happy to run outside and take some quick pics of my truck interior, post them up tonight or tomorrow, and join in the qso. I just added another RAM chip to my laptop for an XM system I bought from another chaser, so I'm in a gear-talking mood. LOL.

But I don't know that a completely seperate forum would somehow do more to facilitate those conversations. The space is already here to use.
I want to see it Amos, I love seeing the layout of people's radio equipment and how they integrate it into their interior. I also like to see how people set up the rest of their equipment.

See, there's your first topic fellas :wink: I agree, it's not necessary to have another topic, just throw your ideas and questions out here. Radio equipment and mods are not beyond this topic area. Have at it :D


I agree completely... but I would think that since many of us struggle to make too few dollars make too much equipment fit in too little space...this issue is strong enough to have "it's own legs" and a post would roll down into a second page behind more active posts.

A separate forum would allow us to have individual postings for different chase vehicles, etc.

For example..

Let's say "Chaser X" (I watched too much Speed Racar as a kid) has a new way of installing his ham gear... you don't have to fish through one iindividual post... you could go to that forum and search for the "Chaser X" post... likewise, we could have a post of favorite pics of the DOW... etc., etc., etc.

Thanks for you input.


I understand what you're saying, but that's what this forum (Chase Equipment) is for, actually. Another forum is just a different title on the same long list of topics--somebody still has to start the topics. There's no difference if we start them in here or in a forum with a different name on it.

All we need is people to start the topics.

I agree with Amos. This "Chase Equipment" forum isn't THAT busy, afterall. Instead of making another forum, perhaps Tim could make it a "Sticky"... Perhaps a "What does YOUR chase vehicle look like?" Sticky that would stay at the top of the Chase Equipment forum... I think this would be a better way of going about your request.
I could see it if this forum was overrun with posts about chase vehicles and installations, but it's not. It could also be said that camera and video gear could be it's own forum. But again, there's not enough posted to really justify that either.

I think new forums should only be created out of necessity. If a steady, high volume of posts occur for a particular category then the ST powers would probably consider adding an additional forum.

A sticky is a great idea...

Tim? Any thoughts?

Ladies and Gentleman...

Start your engines!

Looks like an interesting place to post those bizarre, cool, etc. storm chase vehicles...

Does anybody do this on a motorcycle?

I'm also curious as to the worst hail damage/cellulite paint job...
What might be better is sub-forums under this one. One for radios, one for GPS, one for vehicles, whatever seems popluar. Would make it easier for people to find specific info that's already posted.
I agree with the above.. a new forum is really not needed since this forum is usually pretty light in terms of posts.. another option for those looking for something specific is to narrow down a search to this particular thread. It may require a bit of sifting, but you could find exactly what it is you're looking for. If not, you can always start a new thread in regards to whatever it is you're looking for.