The storm chaser vehicle "look": stickers and other items

Totally understand your guys thoughts on this. Being in the fire service 33 years I see those that have identification on themselves and vehicle letting everybody know who they are. I'm hoping to get a vehicle I'm not worried about getting dented next year and be more active spotting. But knowing, and have been in low visibility conditions i still believe in being visible to other traffic. I don't believe in light bars but considering Hide Away lights in the rear tailights if I end up sitting along the road.
Echoing what others have said, I think Dan's analogy to fans of sports teams and other pursuits is perfect and helps put in proper perspective the similar display of one's love of storm chasing and affinity with our group. But it's a matter of degree; I would also tend to be critical of people that go overboard with excessive display of the other types of passions Dan mentions. In fact even just one bumper sticker can look ridiculous; in my view it ruins the look of a nice car and I always wonder how anyone could do that. But an emblem-style NOAA or Skywarn decal is a nice understated display and I can see the value relative to the perception of law enforcement. Nothing against those trying to also advertise their chasing-related businesses. As others have said, the only real issue that actually affects others is lighting, especially if it violates any vehicular laws.
I put a license plate bracket that says "I'd rather be storm chasing". That's plenty for me

Skip, just seeing your post about the lettering. If you need any tips let me know. Maybe if we run into each other next year and you still have any decals on you don't want, i can take them off for you. Really simple and won't mess up the paint. I've debadged all of my cars minus my tC i just got. Heat, like a hot day, heat gun, even a hair dryer and some string like fishing line, dental floss (a bit more of a pita as it keeps breaking) or even just peeling it away with your fingernails will do the trick. If there's any adhesive residue left over, I've used goo-gone and lighter fluid to "buff" it out. Then rinse the area with some car soap and water, and wax. If for some reason there's any paint marred you can get some car polish, or worst case a scratch remover then polish and works it out...but polish should be plenty
Kevin knows what he's talking about. In a former life I detailed water is the best for removing decals, plus a little touch up after.
I have a close to murdered out Tundra ... chasing or going anywhere else my truck looks the same on the outside. The only way you can tell I am chasing is inside and that is the way I like it.

To anyone that looks I am just an average vehicle on the road speeding towards a lowering.