"Twisted Skies 2004" Chase Highlight Video

Dave Crowley and I have just finished our highlight video for 2004. It is comprised of our best footage only, there are no average chase days.

Chases include:

May 12th, Harper Co. KS - 7 tornadoes and softball sized hail. Great tripoded video.

May 22nd, Daykin and Hallam, NE - Wall cloud time lapse, major RFD and large tornado.

May 26th, Red Rock, Ok - 2 small tornadoes.

May 29th, Calumet, Ok - If you were wondering what else happened on the 29th, you have to see this anti-cyclonic tornado near Calumet.

June 12th, Mulvane, KS - Absolutely amazing! Not as close as some, but the big picture was spectacular. Great tripoded video.

Check out the preview at www.stormguy.com/movies/2004intro.wmv for windows media of www.stormguy.com/movies/2004intro.rm for Real Player.

Just finished watching "Twisted Skies 2004". May 12th stuff is awsome, lots of cool time lapse video. May 22nd is the best video I have seen of the Daykin, NE tornado. Also has great time lapse video of the wall clouds and tornado's of June 12th near Mulvane.
All I can say is thanks!! to Dave and Justin for bringing me chasing. That's how I feel after just watching this DVD. This is wonderfully shot, edited, and produced. It's also very well packaged.

The May 12th Attica, KS footage is outrageous and beautiful as they capture several tornados.
The footage from SE Nebraska on May 22nd is wonderful as we watch a smaller tornado turn into a brown wedge with dirt being sucked into it in front of us. WOW!!
There's also great chases of less known storms from May 26th and May 29th in Oklahoma that some may not have seen.
The last chase is the June 12th Mulvane, KS storm and it's white tornado from a static view south of Mulvane which is awesome. Then theres a great structure shot of this barrel of a storm as it moves towards Rock, KS. Amazing!!

The editing and production is very slick with relaxing music and time lapse interlaced throughout always in just the right spot.

Very highly recommended for SDS relief !!
I just finished watching Dave Crowley and Justin Teague's "Twisted Skies" and this is quite a well-done highlight video. The time-lapse segements, which are set to appropriate music and seperate portions of each chase, contained throughout the video combine well with the editing and effectively keep the video moving along.

There's much good footage contained on the DVD, but my favorites were May 12 and May 22. On May 12, these guys have up-close footage of the big, dusty Attica tornado before having to blast out of the way of the tornado as it closes in on their location near the house that lost its roof.

On May 22, Crowley and team captured the best footage I've seen of the Hallam, NE tornado as it begins as a cone and quickly morphs into a dirt-filled wedge.

Rounding out the rest of the video are the tornadoes from May 26 near Red Rock, OK, the Calumet, OK May 29 tornado, and a view of the June 12 Mulvane, KS tornado from the south followed up by a time-lapse of the Rock tornado.

Great job guys!

First off, thanks Justin and Dave!!! A beautifully worked DVD in every regard. The May 22 tornado is sick sick sick, soooo cool. What an eerie scene as they move behind the tornado in the RFD with screaming through the electrical wires. Just love that sequence.

June 12 Mulvane offeres a different perspective then I've seen yet. Lovely trippoded action of the most beautiful tornado of the year(IMO). I'd kill to see something half that cool.

May 12 too was an incredible segment as they were very very very close to that tornado. Yet another event I'd kill to see/experience. You can clearly hear the violent rushing just east of them as it slips north. They were quite close to hear this detail. Awesome.

All in all a simply awesome video. This is the year of the chase video. You can't go wrong here, just no way. Thanks again guys.

First thing that impressed me was the professional length he went to presenting the product CD case. The summary booklet inside was a nice touch!

We watched it in 52" widescreen glory and didn't stop til it was done! It was really cool to see a couple of events we were just miles apart, in some cases with opposing viewpoints. On the Calumet tornado I got to see it on his video from the opposite side!

I am not good with wordy words for review.......just buy it! You won't be sorry! 8)
Mother Nature raised the bar on tornadoes in 2004 and so it’s appropriate that a chase DVD from this season sets new standards on the entire form. From packaging to production values, and most importantly, dramatic story-telling and quality video, Dave Crowley’s Twisted Skies 2004 is one of the best DVDs of the year.

The story begins with the full life-cycle of the May 12 Attica tornado, shot from some perilously close angles. The crew captures the first ground stirrings to the mesmerizing decent of the incredible cone. They evade the approaching tornado but continue filming the large red and brown debris plume. Maneuvering through debris and roadblocks (legally of course) they see several more tornadoes on that great chase day.

On May 22, Dave is in perfect position to intercept the Hebron, Nebraska storm around 6:30, and the video of his radar display reminded me of how explosively that Thayer County storm fired. Many had compromised and headed west by then, but luckily Dave holds his ground and films the great Daykin tornado through all its incarnations: cone, stovepipe, and infant wedge. This collared tornado, which became the Hallam killer, proved elusive for many that day. While some of us settled for a glimpse of the wedge through the rain, Dave and his crew delivered the storm’s full fury.

The surprise event on May 26th in Oklahoma was a bugger to forecast, but Dave grabs two small tornadoes near Pawnee County, a little-known coup tucked away in a week of storm headlines.

Another rare gem in Twisted Skies 2004 is the May 29th supercell in western Oklahoma. The chasers pursue this storm relentlessly and their persistence pays dividends with a backlit tornado that begins as a needle and grows. Dave’s video and production expertise is apparent again as all the mobile footage is as steady and clear as most of us shoot standing still with tripods. The rare anticyclonic tornado northwest of Oklahoma City this day expands the range of 2004’s greatness. As far as I know, this tornado isn’t widely available.

Dave’s Mulvane segment distinguishes itself with a time-lapse opening that segues into the tornado we all know and love, but from a new and impressive perspective. Initially, the tornado spins with a soft white glow on one side and brushed blue shadow opposite. Then the magic happens and a full Kansas sun blazes across the coiling tube moments before a spray of debris lifts from the countryside. Shot both wide angle and zoomed, Twisted Skies 2004 adds another exclusive chapter to the growing Mulvane legend. What a tornado.

Twisted Skies 2004 is professionally packaged with a smart, full-color guidebook. No independent chase production I’ve seen matches the detailed effort of this project. Because of the quality both inside and out, Twisted Skies 2004 is a perfect gift for chase fans and storm enthusiasts and I recommend it highly. It is available on Dave’s website here:


This DVD is quality through and through! I especially like the accompanying booklet - with the booklet and my road atlas out I was able to 'ride along' and locate all the towns and highways and watch Justin and Dave's chase season unfold. I especially liked the video of the large dusty wedge on May 22nd near Daykin, NE. And of course, the Mulvane, KS footage always wows!

Great job guys!
Excellent video, and very professional packaging presentation. I give it two thumbs up!!
Wow! About as professional as DVDs come! I just enjoyed this amazing look into the 2004 season! Seeing the Attica tornado from this angle was incredible! May 12 had some terrific footage overall, including a look at the Medicine Lodge Tornado which I also viewed from a different location! The entire DVD was awesome, well edited and great music! A definate addition to your 2004 video collection! 8)
Dave Crowley and Justin Teague have done a fine job with their 2004 highlights DVD, "Twisted Skies." After watching this compilation, what strikes me most about it is its plentiful bounty of 2004 events that sort of flew under the radar, such as May 26 and May 29 (both in OK). The production is top-notch, and even though admittedly I'm not a production freak, one must consider the amount of effort and time that went into Twisted Skies, both on the screen and off.

The video begins with the May 12 south Kansas event, and features both the Sharon and Attica tornadoes as the main course. Interesting storytelling as the Sharon tube is largely set to a musical, spiritual montage of sorts, leaving you feeling "cleansed" somehow, then the video roars into Attica with natural sound and dialogue, pulling you from your pedestal of tornado bliss and back into the throes of a very frightening and incredible reality: Attica from less than a mile away, complete with huge swirling, debris-laden dust cloud spinning up anything it touches into oblivion. Towards the end of this segment, the guys (and gal) encounter multiple tornadoes well into twilight. For my money, this segment features the best tornadoes of the entire video.

Next comes May 22, and what a painful segment this is for me personally to watch; Dave and crew pass right by the gas station where we'd sat for over three hours before bailing, as they make their initial approach to the Hebron monster. A series of short-lived tornadoes precedes the very impressive Daykin tornado, which was a true cone then morphed into a dirty barrel/wedge. The guys stay with this thing for quite a while, and the "chase" is quite engrossing. This segment keeps the excitement/interest level as good as May 12, and makes excellent flow through the first third of Twisted Skies.

Twisted's third offering is an event that most people probably aren't familiar with. What would be a news-worthy, front-page event in any other year, May 26 in north-central Oklahoma provides a fresh injection of tornadoes that haven't been covered by 100 others. The first intercept is from a distance, and is a small but stout cone-shaped tornado. The second one is similar, but more eerie as it occurs at dusk, and lasts into darkness, highlighted brilliantly by lightning. This should be a classic someday, as not much video/documentation of this event exists.

Following May 26 is yet another not-so-familiar event, the May 29 tornadic storm in central Oklahoma. Dave and Justin lead the team through what is, IMO, the video's best storytelling segment. This was not an easy storm to chase, and Twisted Skies features a well-directed/edited illustration of just how much work goes into chasing HP-type storms, especially when blowing dust adds to the problem. Much of the video is shot from moving vehicles, as with storms like these, decisions must be quick and windows for video are slim. The team does a masterful job at negotiating section line roads, other chasers, rain/hail cores, and even dangerously-close circulations as they consistently position themselves to view the tricky tornadoes this storm produced. You'll be as impressed with the team's ability to stay with the Calumet tornado as you will be the tornado itself; this piece does a wonderful job presenting just how difficult bigtime Plains chasing can be.......it really does involve some skill. The piece is capped off nicely by a brief/nighttime glimpse of a cone tornado and associated power flashes at dusk, near the town of Piedmont. This is my personal favorite from Twisted.

Would this even be a 2004 chase video review if I didn't say the magic word - Mulvane? Twisted Skies' group captured a well-done angle from the west, featuring tripoded video throughout, as well as wide-angle and zoomed-in camera angles inter-laced. Very graphic scene as the now-famous farm house takes a direct hit, becoming a sea of shiny metal. Then we're whisked away from all that real-world destruction and drama, into a magical plane of existence, where only tornadoes dance, eyes rejoice, and hearts flutter. The Rock tornado is presented in time-lapsed mode, throughout its entirety. Accompanied by a beautiful score, everything around you disappears and nothing matters except that tornado, as it spins itself into a beautiful death.

After all of that, we're treated to a unquiely-done lightning timelapse. Instead of the traditional fast-forward on a tripod, we're treated to several still images, all captured from tripods, giving the illusion of constant lightning, though the viewer knows it isn't. I've not seen anything quite like the way this was done, and I was quite impressed.

Twisted Skies is one of the more well-rounded chase vids of 2004, with a little something for everyone. As well as this compilation was put together, from the production to the packaging, it could be 62 minutes of two guys playing catch in the rain and it'd still be worth the price of admission.
Dave and Justin have made an excellent video with "Twister Skies"! Many of us had great chases in 2004, and these guys are no different. It was quite interesting to see a similar, yet different, viewpoint of the May 12th Attica tornado, and their May 22nd video is first-class. Excellent video quality, excellent editing, and an excellent video. Great job guys!
Just watched it twice, very impressive! The guide was a nice plus! You guys showed professionalism and good judgement it appeared, although I dont think you can edit that INTO video! :D

Good luck this year!
Fantastic video. Very unique Attica footage and the best Daykin/Hallam footage out there. Family-friendly too (thanks).