For Sale: Yes....Another chase highlight video for 2004!

Rick Schmidt

I finally have my 2004 chase highlight video finished, which includes the May 29 outbreak in north central Kansas, and some footage of the June 12 Mulvane Ks. tornado. Lots of rotaing wall clouds, close lightning, storm structure, and bonus footage toward the end, of chases from '98 to '03. Price is $25 for VHS or DVD. ( I am a veteran chaser based in Topeka, Ks)

---Rick Schmidt
[email protected]
I purchased Rick Schmidt's highlights video and I enjoyed it very much. His footage is impressive and I especially liked how he included time lapse scenes after real time shots.

This is a no frills video with original sound, but there is a nice flow from one chase to another.

I especially liked the footage from May 12th. Although most chasers were chasing the Attica tornado, he got some impressive structure east of Pratt.

I would recommend this video for your library.

Shawna Helt