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DVD: Chasing Scraps, Storm Chase Adventures 2005 - 2007

I am selling a limited number of my storm chase highlights, "Chasing Scraps." This DVD includes my best storm chase video from 2005 through 2007. My favorite portions include the Graham County, KS beautifully structured supercell and tornado, Guymon area supercell and tornado along with grass fire, Raymond, KS tornado from May 5, 2007 and western Oklahoma supercell and lightning over fighting cows video from May 30, 2006. Bonus sections include video from the 2006 Storm Chaser Convention, Rocky's chaser picnic and the 10th Anniversary of Twister party in Wakita. There are not many tornadoes on the DVD but really cool supercell structure, lightning and other storm images. This video DOES NOT include my 2008 Quinter tornado footage that will be released later. I'm a bit behind in releasing highlights!

This is a dual-layer duplicated DVD. Total running time is 1 hour 52 minutes.

Price: $20 postage paid.

Here is a link to the website with more info, contents, alink to preview music video.

Direct link to Youtube video (1 min 52 sec)

Bill Hark
I picked up a copy of Bill's DVD a few weeks back and it was great! You will not be dissapointed. Even though the title is Chasing Scraps, this DVD is actually filled with awesome storm video, front to back. You get a few tornadoes, amazing storm structure, and a great extras section that includes some hilarious video shot at the Storm Chaser Convention back in 2006.

Bill did an excellent job with the editing as usual, and as always, his attention to detail is top notch. Throughout the DVD he keeps the viewer up to speed as to not only what road he is on, but which direction he's facing at the time as well. 5 Stars on this one without a doubt.

Scott McPartland
I'm just posting to comment that if you've never purchased one of Bill
Hark's DVDs--he is a meticulous chaser with fantastic footage and great
highlights with a very high production value for his DVDs. His title
"Chasing Scraps" isn't as excitement prone as his coverage of the
Eastern tornadoes. That said, it covers terrific structure and a lot of
great chaser highlights. Well worth the $20, IMHO. And probably better
to view those years in retrospect, anyway ;).

Jason Persoff