Introducing... Tornado Central: In Review (1999-2004)

I'm pleased to announce that my chase highlights video is now ready for sale!

Tornado Central: In Review:

+ August 9th, 1999 -- my first storm chase (Featured)
+ May 5th, 2002
+ May 3rd, 2003
+ May 8th, 2003 (Featured)
+ July 6th, 2003
+ July 14th, 2003
+ March 27th, 2004
+ April 22nd, 2004
+ May 12th, 2004 (Featured)
+ May 22nd, 2004 (Featured)
+ May 29th, 2004 (Featured)
+ June 10th, 2004 (Featured)
+ June 12th, 2004 (Featured)
+ October 29th, 2004

In total, that's 14 chases, 17 tornadoes, and plenty of other footage of some awesome storms! From some up-close and personal video of the Attica tornado (5-12-04), to more serene footage of the Mulvane tornado (6-12-04), you'll be right there with me as I travel the countryside in search of the most powerful storms on earth.

Since I wanted to minimize quality loss due to MPEG compression, and since there's nearly 100 minutes of video included, I have needed to put the video on a TWO DVD set! For those without DVD players, VHS cassettes are also available. DVD format is DVD-R, though I can send DVD+R if requested.

The price for this 2-DVD set or 1-VHS tape is $29.99 (shipping included) to addresses within the United States, and $34.99 international. I am accepting PayPal, money order, and personal check, though I will wait for the check to clear before sending the video. Video will be sent via USPS, though FedEx can be chosen for a $5 upgrade shipping fee.

For more information, please go to!
WOW....I just saw Jeff's DVD and it's definitely a must have for any sort of tornado video collection. The DVD is an awesome look at his five year chasing career. The footage is really good, especially his Attica, KS footage. If you're looking for a fun DVD showcasing the highlights of a young chaser, then you should buy this DVD collection. 8)
Well, I was going to post this earlier, but the last time I tried to write a review my session timed out! LOL

In short, Jeff Snyder has amassed an impressive archive of tornado video over the last 5 years. He is an up-and-coming storm chaser who has already shown a knack for nabbing a tornado on almost every big event day that he has been able to chase in the last few years.

Included in "Tornado Central: A Review" are some of the more well-known events of the last several years such as the 5/12/2004 Attica tornado and 5/22/04 Hallam tornado, just to name a few. Also included are lesser-known (but no less spectacular) events such as the series of tornadoes that Jeff interecepted in western Minnesota on 8/8/99. Also on this video is one of the most impressive stovepipe tornadoes I have ever seen on video (Crystal Lake, Minnesota on 7/14/03). This tornado occasionally exhibited multiple-vortex structure while maintaining a very stout appearance. This white tornado was perfectly set against a foreground of green vegetation, and its sheer size made for an almost surreal scene.

My recommendation: Add Jeff's video to your collection! Jeff's video is not simply about good editing...there are lots of tornadoes on this video! In addition to this, Jeff''s video has unique vantage points of some of the most spectacular tornadoes of recent times. "Tornado Central: In Review" is definitely worth purchasing.

I watched Tornado Central: In Review this afternoon. I was very impressed with the packaging and the DVD menu was great. Jeff begins each chase with some commentary and a map of his chase route. I really enjoyed the May 12th Attica footage, Jeff captured a unique shot of the house being destroyed. Dave Crowley and I were on the other side of the tornado, but moved back to within 100yds of Jeff's position to avoid being killed. Jeff bagged a tornado on every other big day this year. June 12th near Mulvane KS, May22nd Daykin to Hallam NE, and May 29th in Central OK.

He also added some highlights from previous years. Near and dear to my heart is the May 8th 2003 Osage Co. Oklahoma tornado. Very few people witnessed this amazing storm, but Jeff was fortunate enough to see a large tornado cross Hwy 99 just to his south. The tornado damaged a horse farm near Little Chief and received an F3 rating.

Overall, I am very impressed with Jeff's ability to nail down a chase target and bag the tornado on big days. Check out his DVD and keep an eye out for his future catches.
The price of Tornado Central: In Review! That's still 2 GREAT DVDs, with more than a dozen tornadoes from not only this past chase year (which was one of the best for many chasers across the Plains), but all the way back to my first real chase on August 9th, 1999! There's no better way to deal with SDS, and prepare for the upcoming chase season, than by reviewing the some of the best tornadoes from previous chase seasons! Head over to for ordering information today!