"Another Boring Chase Video!" by Eric Nguyen &

Scott Currens

I think every chaser has a spouse, girlfriend, or family member that complains when they are watching chase videos. With them in mind we have titled our 2004 highlight video "Another Boring Chase Video!".

See our preview:

1:55 March 27 Tornadic Supercells W/C Oklahoma
4:51 May 12th Tornadic Supercells Harper, KS
21:39 May 24th Tornadic Supercell Southern Nebreska
30:05 May 29th Tornadic Supercell Attica/Argonia/Conway Springs, KS

13:03 June 9th Tornadic Supercells Eastern Colorado
18:34 June 10th Tornadic Supercell Big Springs, NE
12:15 June 12th Tornadic Supercell Mulvane, KS
8:46 Time Lapse of Several Storms

For information about each chase see Eric's Storm Documents

Scott Currens
All I can say is good grief. If you were looking forward to Tornado Video Classics IV well here is your chance. These 2 had the best year out of any chaser this year, I am pretty sure. What more do you need to know? May 12 sc KS late evening wedge is really rather sweet I thought as they are near it with screaming winds going aroud it. Just a very impressive situation. The May 24 event was really cool as it was tornado after tornado forming around them. The late rope out is the best as it's very close as it emerges out of the rain. May 29, they scored big and close, yet again. Amazing footage of the intense early tornado followed by intense and close footage of the Argonia tornado. You really can't beat the motions in and around a tornado like what they captured. June 10 they catch the nice intense Big Springs NE tornado and once again....amazing video. The video is like a broken record of amazing tornadoes..one after another, until the end. At the end you get to see sick sick sick amazing video of Mulvane from the west or sw in the strong sun. I've never seen a tornado this white on any video and the detail of the vortex is so damn clear and intense as the air gets filled with debris in the strong sun. The true no-brainer video of the year. If you are looking for some chase vid, well this is it. Great video guys and a GREAT year you had.
Got to watch "Another Boring Chase Video" today and take it from me, it's far from boring unless you call wall-to-wall tornados with great close-ups of debre flying through the air boring.

These guys had a banner year and it's all presented in a "raw action" way that brings you along for the journey.

From the Big Spring, NE stovepipe to the Mulvane, KS white Elephant tearing things up set against a rainbow this is pure excitement.

Highly recommended!
Great job!
What a great DVD set! I've seen a few angles on the May 29th KS tornado and this is the best. The Mulvane, KS tornado on June 12th was amazing too. At one point you can see a whole roof truss flying 100's of feet in the air.

I was personally on the June 9th Tornadic supercell in eastern CO. and was overtaken by the storm along with Tim Samaras and Greg Thompson (in different vehicles) . The outflow winds were so intense I had to drive looking out the side window and following a barbed wire fence. All of a sudden I found myself in a plowed field when the road suddenly ended! It was great to re-live that crazy storm!

Hey guys, is the roof rack above your front window for hail protection? If so I've got to get a setup like that!

Get yourselves a copy of this DVD!
Hail Shield

Yes, that is a hail shield. It has worked out great on many occasions. Its first test was the April 5, 2003 beast in north Texas. We were in baseball to softball hail for over an hour. Despite missing the tornadoes on that day it was one of my all time favorite chases. I know most chasers try to avoid giant hail, but in my opinion seeing and collecting gorilla hail is every bit as satisfying as seeing a tornado. I don’t know, maybe most chasers would go after gorilla hail if it didn’t have such a high financial cost associated with experiencing it.

Hail pix form Eric’s site:

Scott Currens
2004 Highlight Video Preview:
One way you know that Eric Nguyen and Scott Currens had one of the finest chase seasons ever was because they never said so. Chase after chase, racking up supercells and tornadoes like a pinball score, they only contemplated their success after friends and other chasers noticed that they were approaching historic milestones. The proof was in their humility, followed by the amazing Mulvane images in National Geographic, and now their ironically-titled, two hour DVD, “Another Boring Chase Video,†which is anything but boring.

This DVD is well-organized with an easy menu presenting a buffet of some of 2004’s coolest storms and tornadoes, including May 24th with ghostly spinups side by side and concluding in a tall, translucent cone pulling Kansas dirt and dust into its grasp. At one point, tornadoes appear on either side of Eric’s van, forcing some tense decisions. One of the best highlights of this chase is the snaking white condensation that drives a bowl of dust and debris only a few hundred yards from the van.

May 29 starts with an awesome sculpted updraft and later a beautiful long trunk tornado glides across the flat landscape, literally one of the most perfect images of the year. Scott, shooting steady, tripoded video, muffles his breath to preserve the sanctity of the moment. This is one of the great tornadoes in recent years, ending in the classic rope-out that stretched across the sky from what looked like an orphan updraft, a stunning sight.

Through this chase and others the sense of riding along in Eric’s van is real—discussing the classification for one of the tornadoes on the 29th, Eric concludes, “A wedge is a wedge is a wedge,†and the video supports his argument. At another stop, Scott warns a local canine: “Better find somewhere to go, dog. You're going to have some problems.†Meanwhile this barrel churns across the faded golden fields of southern Kansas, black and haggard with condensation and dirt. Dangerous times for local pups indeed. This segment captures the tension and excitement of what many consider 2004’s best storm, what Shane Adams termed “The Tornado Machine.â€

All roads eventually led to Nebraska in 2004, and by June 10th, though their best work had come in Kansas, Eric and Scott reached the Cornhusker state in time to catch the earliest puffs of what became the remarkable Big Spring tornado. They sit and wait calmly, calling 911 when unable to raise a Skywarn net on 2 meters and describing their precise location and that they believed this modest rotation would grow much stronger. They were right. Eventually this symmetrical tube dominates the vast Nebraska sky and no distance seems safe enough.

Obviously a truly great chase DVD requires a great ending, and June 12th in Mulvane is as good as it gets, a tornado that hardly seems possible in a location where months of planning in a Hollywood studio could not have yielded a more sublime image.

If you’ve already seen Eric’s photos from this moment, the sense of anticipation is dramatic. You wonder if they’ll really stop in time, if there could actually be a stately white house with a horse standing out front. When you see it happen, sense the chaos of choosing a stopping point in a less-than-ideal area of trees and hills and power lines, the magic of those images is striking—the fleeting opportunity all chasers recognize and how every ounce of experience and skill contributed to their decision. This wasn’t the no-brainer one might imagine--other chasers drive past as if there would be something better down the road. Then the white condensation pauses for them, the rainbow brightens, and the tornado finds a structure behind the tree line and like a snake charmer, conjures a cloud of aluminum debris that dance and glint in the deepening twilight.

If 2004 is a season we’ll remember as long as we chase, and it seems likely, then a handful of productions are essential for recalling just how prolific and profound this season was for so many. Eric and Scott’s DVD, “Another Boring Chase Video,†is near the top of that list. Check it out here: http://www.mesoscale.ws/video/

Amos Magliocco
Just watched this video set and it is great. Good job with the editing. They sure had a record year with some wonderful video footage. Thanks Scott!!
I just did a DVD swap with Scott, and he won't tell you... but I think I got the better end of the deal... ;-)

There is not much more to add to the other reviews on this DVD, while the camcorder Scott used wasn't a VX-2000 (camcorder quality didn't really do some of the scenes justice), the shots they did get were nothing short of priceless.

As one who also chased May 29th in south-central Kansas, it was great to see how they pursued the multiple tornadoes on this day. At Milan, they went north and got fairly close to the multiple vortex turned wedge just south of Conway Springs. I had the same general angle, but was about 3 or 4 miles south of them getting more structure with the tornado.

Other storms that I was on that Scott and Eric intercepted as well were the Eastern Colorado HP supercell tornadoes (June 9) and the Big Springs, NE Tornado on June 10. Again, Scott and Eric do a great job of positioning themselves near the center of it all and capture amazing video of the evolution of these supercell tornadoes.

June 12th speaks for itself. I busted this day along the KS/NE border, and watching this video pained me just a little. The close CGs were remarkable. As the tornado crosses the state highway to their immediate east, they get into the occlusion downdraft just south of the tornadic circulation with debris flying in the vicinity. As the tornado is backlit white like nothing I have ever seen in my life, it does complete devestation to a community of mobile homes (?) as Scott zooms in on the debris cloud. I rewound this part like 4 times, LOL. As far as tornado video with flying structural debris... this is in the class of Pampa 1995 and Moore 1999 in my opinion... or at least darn near it.

The DVD was capped off with a multitude of long-time lapse videography set to music.

Well done. Thanks for the swap.

Mike Umscheid
I guess if tornadoes were peanut butter, Another Boring Chase Video would be extra chunky monkey. Tons of them, all shapes, sizes, and colors. All situations, angles, intensity. If anyone doesn't know it already, Scott Currens and Eric Nguyen had a record-setting season with 42 tornadoes. This could've easily been 4 DVDs.

I'll get right to the point: The Mulvane segment blows my mind. I watched the part where the house is hit about a dozen times, then a dozen more in slow-motion. Of all the incredible videos I've seen of this moment, I believe this one is my fave. I don't care who did the official survey, there's NO WAY this wasn't a violent class tornado near the end. I watched it over and over and the Mulvane tornado appears to spin even faster than Pampa 1995. An amazing display of power, I could see lower portions of the tornado that I couldn't see from where we were, and the rotation is off the scale, it's totally incredible.

Ok, now that I've gotten that out of my system, I'll move on. May 29 is like tornado chocolate, melted tornado chocolate. It's that delicious. They get a brief glimpse of a skinny tornado east of the main wedge at sunest that I've not seen anywhere else.

Suprisingly though, out of all this incredible tornado footage, I found the time-lapse segment at the end to be perhaps my favorite moment on Another. The original score used compliments the scenes perfectly, and some of the storms look alive in the sky, like miroscopic organisms swimming through murky water. It takes you away.

A triumphant release from two "chaser's" chasers, as my friend Amos would put it, and also somewhat historic in that it documents the chases of the two guys who set the known-record for tornadoes in a single season at 42. And we all know that's the answer to the Universe :wink: