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Review: Twisted Skies 2004

Wanted to take a second to review Dave Crowley and Justin Teague's latest: "Twisted Skies 2004." It's tough to even know where to start. It seems like the bar has really been raised this year when it comes to the production of professional-quality DVD ... and this is one that definitely raises the standards.

I primarily requested Dave's video because I knew that he and I were on the Hallam, Nebraska storm together, starting from identical positions. He quickly made the move to the front of the bus on this storm ... the close positioning and great camera work combine to make quite a story on that terrific storm. Positioning seems to be the big player in most of the videos on this DVD as over and over we get up close and personal with some of the year's biggest players -

*May 12th - Attica, Kansas
*May 22nd - Hallam, Nebraska
*May 26th - Red Rock, Oklahoma
*May 29th - Calumet, Oklahoma
*June 12th - Mulvane, Kansas

Dave's solid understanding of photography principles polishes this off to make it a professionally-produced video in every respect. Great editing, music and scenery really make me feel like this is a top-notch production. Have to say that I'm really glad I got this one -

Great work, gentlemen!

Preview the movie here: http://stormguy.com/movies/2004intro.wmv

Dave's site: http://www.stormguy.com
Thanks a lot Mike! I worked and re-worked til I was happy with it. It became a bit of an obsession for me until it was done. Glad you liked it.
I'll be ready for your video also, especially may 22, to see what it all looked like outside the RFD dirt zone. (I cleaned up dirt for a week afterwards)
If anyone's interested in a copy, email me until my cart is finished!
Hurry up May!!!