Tommorrows chase day


Hello again!

Looks like tommorow would be the best chaseday for us while we are where in the U.S, we are leaving for Denmark, early Sunday morning from Dallas.

Right now we are in southeastern Kansas and are heading northwest towards northwestern Kansas/southwestern Nebreska where we will spent the nigth and check for updates concerning tommorows weather.

We have our own SUV, weatherradio, laptops. But we would like to ask some of you chasers if You where willing to let some Danes tag along with you this day?

If any of You are willing to take us along please send me a PM, then we can arrange things and maybe exchange phonenumbers, we have TRI-BAND phones so they work in the U.S.

Yours sincerely

The Danish Chaseteam
I'm dissappointed I didn't see this post until now. We had spent the night in North Platte, and I would have loved to have met you guys. We're in Lincoln, NE now and will be chasing toward the north central MO area tomorrow (Wednesday - 24th). PM me if you're in the area at all and we'll try to meet. I hope you had an eventful 23rd.