Larry J. Kosch

Has anybody tried the SWIFT WX systems?? How has it worked in your storm chasing and forecasting?? Does anybody have this system on their laptops?? I tried looking at the SWIFT WX website, but they don't mention what the system requirements are. I don't want to throw away huge gobs of money on something that won't work on my PC or laptop.

On a related topic (close), I decided to buy the STORM PREDATOR software. The 2.0 version is loaded with a lot of stuff. It basically combines the Nexrad radar, wind speeds, warning boxes, storm speeds, directions and intensity indicators, etc. And its shown in a format so it looks like you are looking at a custom made weather radar screen.

For those curious about SWIFT WX or STORM Predator, heres a couple of links:


Thanks for your response!
I have the original version of swiftwx and used it a lot when I was gathering data by cell phone. I expecially liked the ability to dial itself up, grab a single radar from and then log off as it kept the cell phone time down, and then it would take the individual images it gathered and loop them for you.

I considered upgrading by I also used the older version of Digital Atmosphere, and since Tim came out with the latest that is enhanced with a TON of new stuff, I may go that direction instead. You should consider checking out his newest version:
I believe he is going to be doing a presentation on the newest version at the National Storm Chaser Convention next year as well.
Gibson Ridge Level 3 Radar Software

I've tried both but am REALLY impressed with Gibson Ridge...

I use it now to coordinate our local storm spotters...
I use swift 1.5 2.1 Storm pred. and stormlab. Each is great. I use swift 1.5 on the road because of the dial out hang up when done. the others I use only in high speed invioments.