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Suckered Into An Early Chase

Ok ... here it goes ... the forecast threads are hoppin in the target room, and the first MDT RSK is officially on the charts. Top 5 reasons I refuse to be suckered into an early spring chase this year:

5. It's in east Texas into Arkansas - the tree capital of the great south.
4. Wind looks to be over 50kts at 500mb.
3. I have to make a living.
2. It's only March 22nd.
1. Gas is over $2.00/gal.

Yes - I know the potential really is there (boundaries are looking sweet) and there will probably be a significant severe episode tomorrow ... but I think I will enhance our chaser friends' possibilities by not showing up ... then you are SURE to get something AMAZING down there!

Too bad it's too close to resist!!! :p I really wish I could blow it off...unfortunately, SDS will likely get the better of me. That hope of one glimpse of an awesome tornado (the chaser version of "visions of sugar plums")...diamond in the rough, yada, yada. I know I'm gonna go unless there's a huge cirrus deck over the target area...that's just about the only thing, though. Knowing that, historically, the atmosphere doesn't need 65+ Tds to produce violent tornadoes only fuels the fire. Alas, it stinks to be hardcore. :lol:

LOL...Too bad it's too close to resist!!!

I know what you mean. Living in southern Oklahoma, I will be looking into Texas, Arkansas and eastern Ok. I won't go into Louisiana or points east due to the terrain.
Stretching the thread--
I have to go to Nashville, TN on Monday night, departing to drive back home to Huntsville, AL at 3am Tuesday, so I'm anxiously awaiting the next Day 3 to see whether I'll be surfing home on a big bow.

Hard to tell if the whole mass will hold together across Mississippi.... I've had some interesting intercepts in the morning hours when it does.
Moderato moves east Tuesday

So---it looks like we will have early events on Tuesday, as the SPC moderate is covering much of Alabama, the topmost boundary going just north of my home. Should be an interesting day, but the squat-and-wait method will be in order here if it's all bow-lers early in the day.

Last year, a nice cell held together in the line with repeated county-after-county tornado warnings, so I left the house to intercept it a few miles to the west. Which I did--but it rain-wrapped and offered no visual opportunities, so I drove home through flash floods to find that a quick F-0 it had dropped had torn down signs and messed up roofing--a mile and a half south of my house.