Storm Chasing Association

Perusing the 'net this morning, I stumbled on this site...

I don't know if anyone knew of this organization before and if it has been discussed, I am sorry I overlooked it. Looks like it is a Warren Faidley backed site, not sure if it is him who is in charge of the organization. Just a little FYI, we had a thread or two awhile back on this.
Hey Carrie - yes - we've been aware of its existence for some time. It belongs to Mr. Faidley - a WhoIs search will show its owner. I'm not aware of any chasers with membership currently. Would be curious to know if anyone actually belongs to it (who actually chases) -
I emailed this group back in June for information.

I think WF or is sponsoring the site but he is
not too involved according to the guy who is in
charge. Seems to be rather weak in the chasing dept.
and more of a spotter/charitable association.

That's interesting...

I was thinking a while back about my comments on an association geared for the assistance of chasers being bashed by the media...

I was all for the association b/c I thought it would be a good way to fight back the media attacks on the "foul storm chasers" who are deemed unnecessary by the general public for only getting in the way and running amock the feelings of people who have just lost their homes or a family member (bless their hearts).

Someone (I can't remember who) brought up how it would discourage those who are not involved and may even cause some resentment and really started to get me thinking about how that could end up really being a problem.

That being said, I wonder if they would offer assistance to those who do end up being bashed by the media if they are not part of the program.

I see more now why whoever it was said what they said, and while I still think that an association would be a good cause, I wonder what the "company logo" will stand for.... just food for thought, not trying to get a bad debate going, tell me if I am....