Snow depth in Laguja during this winter

Nov 14, 2006
Laguja, Estonia, Europe
Good morning!

Since it is early March and spring will begin in a few weeks, I will do now a preliminary summary of snow depth in Laguja.

Rainfall measurements were concluded few days before Halloween because of approaching cold temperatures. First snowfall was on 30th of October at 4 PM Estonian time. By 2 November, Laguja was covered with a slight layer of snow. However, for two months, there were days with little or no snow due to unusually warm temperatures what continued until mid-January 2007. First morning with snow what has persisted until today was recorded on 20 January(!) 2007. It started to snow in the afternoon of 19 January. On 28 February 2007, thaw began what is also ongoing as of right now. Air temperatures have risen up to 35 degrees Fahrenheit. At the moment, with this thaw, snow depth has dropped 3 centimeters per day.

I have attached a graph with snow depths from 1 November until today in Laguja, Estonia.

Below is Top 10 of the most snowiest days. Snow depths are given in centimeters(1 inch=2,54 cm):
1. 28 February - 27 cm
2. 1 March - 24 cm
3. 27 February - 22 cm
4. 26 February - 21 cm
5. 2 March - 21 cm
6. 25 February - 21 cm
7. 22 February - 21 cm
8. 21 February - 21 cm
9. 24 February - 21 cm
10. 23 February - 21 cm

EDIT: I apologize: I should have noticed a thread in Chaser Bar and Grill where discussion about snow depth is ongoing.


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