Severe storms in Iowa in January!!

Craig Maire II

Earlier today severe thunderstorm warnings were issued for Davis and Muscatine Counties in far southern Iowa with some reports of .88 inch hail received; temps were only in the mid 30s!! Storms were definitely elevated. Just goes to show that you dont always need surface temps of +50F and dewpoints of +50F to have severe thunderstorms. Wish I could have been down there and got some hail footage, would have done wonders for the SDS!
Today was the first time I've ever seen a thunderstorm with hail, dense fog with visibility under 1/4 mile, 4" of snow on the ground, pea sized hail, cloud to ground lightning (couldn't see the actual bolt, but by the sound it was definitely cg), and 36°!!!!

Very unusual, and very cool.

The real weird thing was that after the storm moved off, the fog lifted briefly, and the higher clouds could be seen. But then the fog formed again very rappidly, within minutes. You could actually see it begin to form in layers until it became totally dense again!