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While working on some images tonight I noticed I now have my most scary storm image, hands down and was wondering about others people might have or seen(url to someone elses). Got any truly scary storm images?

I figured we all love the worst of the worst when it comes to storms so I'm going to post this larger image. My dad was quick to point out the aligator head shape on the right side(tail cloud)...perhaps more of a croc. I've stared at this image for quite a while tonight and wondered a lot. I'm wondering if I'll ever see such a nightmare'ish storm scene again. Also wondering if I'm going to have a nightmare tonight now, being chased by the tornado and the croc head.

I found this whole video sequence probably to be someone who doesn't like tornadoes' worst nightmare...


Yeah, and I called in the Lubbock NWS and reported it as "scary looking clouds", lol... :lol:


This was the large HP beast on 5/13/05 late in its lifecycle. All I could think was what on earth did uneducated (meteorology-wise) people think?

Same with this storm from 2002 (nature's equivelent to the ships from ID4:

I didn't have a digital camera until this year, so all my pictures are from 2005. For some reason they appear grainy when you view them from the web host. They look fine when I look at them in My Pictures. I don't know what the deal is. You will have to click on the picture to see an enlarged image. I would like to post nice big pictures like Aaron and Mike, but last time I tried that the picture ended up being about three times the size of the page and I would feel like a jerk if everyone had to scroll from side to side to read the posts on this thread.

This was a wall cloud from the Kent county "tornado machine".


This is a picture from yesterday in Reno county Kansas and is a view of the updraft base shortly before it produced a tornado and several funnels. It would scare me if I wasn't a storm chaser.


This is the meso from the tornadic supercell in Jefferson county South Dakota on June 7.


This was a shelf cloud illuminated by lightning as it came rolling into Wichita. I took the picture from my driveway.


And finally, this was taken in the Oklahoma panhandle a couple of weeks ago. I can't recall the date.

I don't want to enter any of my own - but when the word "scary" and "storm" are said in the same sentence together - there's only one image that instantly comes to my mind:


As Bobby's caption states: "Run away!"

Nice one, Bobby.


Was actually pretty cool to watch come in, but I couldn't help but wonder what everyone else in the town was thinking when they saw this coming.
Mike H

that has to be one of the coolest looking tornado photos ive ever seen

Thanks, but I must argue, lol. Your avatar amazes me! Who shot that? You? Is that a still or vid grab? I'd really like to see that video.

And since Karen doesn't want to post any of her own I will.


Karen's Manchester SD torando.

Linked from That is one of the best tornado images out there and quite amazing, not to mention scary.
My avatar is from last years roanoke illinois F4 tornado, the photo was taken while it was striking the parsons plant down there

Links to the event

link to the photo

Scott Smith and Steve Smedley should be credited with the photos

this storm pretty much saved northeast illinois from any violent weather that day. We did get some great mammatus however

CAPE values over most of illinois were 6000+j/kg, some places over 7000

just another nw to se moving supercell producing a violent tornado here in illinois. The other notable one was a few miles to the east and produced the plainfield F5

June 13, 2004 near Allouez, WI. This storm never produced any severe weather, but I'll bet it scared a lot of people. This was reported as a tornado to a local TV station, whose met quickly set the record straight.

See this page for more photos.
:) Mike H
When I first saw this pix it brought back those memories of how terrified I was of tornados as a child. It was this type of tornado that sent me screaming and crying into my bedroom and hiding under the covers.
I think the backlighting plays a big role in how scary they look. A bright back ground makes the storm look jet black and evil.
A few examples of this can be seen on the first few pix on my webpage:

Hi all,

Nice scary pics. Imagine what people think when they see something like these coming along or hear the warnings! I recall one of the visiting locals wandering what to do - he wanted to visit Fredericks SW Oklahoma June 5th 2005 but there was a tornado warning on the storm!!

Not such a scary image of mine taken from west of Sydney Australia but something that stuck out and made me rethink being out of the car! This was a video still and you could not with the naked eye know this was occurring! Like a spider web - now someone had a better clearer one from this season here in the US.



Jimmy Deguara
Approaching wall cloud near Holdrege (later spawned a series of brief tornadoes that skipped through central Nebraska for a good 30 miles):


Gust front (boy, they sure can look creepy!):


BTW, are you selling prints of that shot, Mike?
Here's the scariest ones I've seen in the last couple years. The pictures do not do justice to what this line of severe storms looked like in person. The sun was still up in the sky when this moved in as you can see in the first image, but once we drove underneath the initial line it became black as night. The sky looked like the clouds produced by those alien ships on the movie Independance day.




Link to SPC event: