Ridge of Heat Death

Re: Evapotranspiration?

The thing about evapotranspiration (EvT afterward) here is that there's a definite benefit to shade trees and lawn acreage vs. asphalt/concrete acreage. I'm lucky to live in an area of central Phoenix that's formerly orchard land and irrigated, and thus lushly planted (relative to the desert environment, natch) and as a result it's a low temp microclimate that benefits from nighttime EvT cooling, like a swamp cooler. The real heat retention comes from the asphalt and concrete, which heat up in every city, but most of those cities do not experience Phoenician levels of heating. That enhances the overnight heat retention, and monsoon moisture further helps that.

Apparently rubberized asphalt has lower heat retention, is longer lasting and a smoooooth ride. Hooray and let's have more.
Evapotranspiration gets a little out of control across the corn belt towards the end of June into most of July. Luckily it doesn't last too long. A stalled east/west boundary just to the north can pool dewpoints >80°. The nights are the worst when temps don't drop below 80° with absolutely no wind. Just thinking of it makes me sweat.