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Reviewing over some May 2, 2006 video and found this!!

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Caleb Witt-Schulte

This video was taken on May 2, 2006 around 5:20 or 5:30 p.m. It was taken in NW Oklahoma near the Texas panhandle. I believe it was on Highway 283 heading South somewhere between Arnett and Cheyenne, OK. The county it was in was either Ellis or Roger Mills. Wasn't anything out there from what I recall, so wouldn't surprise me if this was never reported. While I was driving and glancing over I just noticed it as a rainshaft, but after more review of my video that I had lost, it looks like a tornado possibly.

Here is the link for the small video:

May 2, 2006 Video
That's a hard one to call. I just checked SPC's storm reports for that day...there were a couple of wind and hail reports for the Reydon area which is about 15 miles west of Hwy 283 in Roger Mills county. I couldn't see any signs of rotation on the vid (but you were like REALLY far away...guestimating 10 miles?). I could be wrong, but my guess would be really intense precip shaft.