Question concerning a tornado watch issued for Iowa Monday

Craig Maire II

Earlier this weeka tornado watch was issued until 11 pm for a large portion of Iowa, I am wondering, why wasn't it a PDS tornado watch if it mentioned winds gusting to 90 mph and in the discussion said there was the possibility of a couple strong, long tracked tornados?? Just wondering...
I could be wrong, but I think it was because they weren't expecting it to be a very widespread event. I think the coverage of the very damaging storms wasn't expected to be great enough to warrant a PDS.
tornado watch

Thanks for responding Joel, I didnt take into account expected aerial coverage of storms, thanks for answering my question.
SPC defintion of a PDS watch is this:

The "particularly dangerous situation" wording is used in rare situations when long-lived, strong and violent tornadoes are possible. This enhanced wording may also accompany severe thunderstorm watches for intense convective wind storms.

Basically I think Joel was right, the event wasn't expected to be widespread enough for the PDS status.