Picture on Coasttocoast.com

Storm was in KS

Check the text box above the picture on the web site. It was taken by a truck driver driving from Salina KS when he took the photo. No mention of a date though. :( I sent a e-mail to him asking him for the photo date. I noted the overlying cloud layer in the photo. This storm must have been part of a larger storm system in KS on that day.

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I sent him an email also when I first saw it asking for a date. Have yet to hear from him.
Got Date and Time!!

Just got a e-mail from the guy that took that photo:

Thank you for you comments on the picture, I really thought that it was a great photo opportunity. I have only ever seen a cloud formation like that once before and vowed that if I ever saw another I was going to get a picture of it. I carry my little digital camera every where I go just in case, and it really paid off this time.

As to your question, the date of this picture was Monday June 14, 2004, and the time was approximately 6:30 PM central time. I hope this helps you out, thanks again for you response.


I hope that would help some of you to figure out which storm that was??

I guessed right.....

I was going to guess this as the supercell we observed June 14 near Navarre, KS (about 30 miles east of Salina).

The body of the storm looks pretty narrow, as was the storm we saw, which was a beauitful LP, with the coolest anvil blow off I've ever seen; the canopy was a perfect circle, looked like one of those handheld, fold out fans like Japanese chicks use in old movie stereotypes.

I could be wrong, as there was another storm further west closer to Salina, but from the photo, the storm looks to be a good distance away. Either way, it was a cool storm (for a non-tornadic storm), a decent way to end my 2004 Spring season.