Panasonic PVGS250 3CCD miniDV

Hi gang,

Recently I've been looking at camcorders. I have looked at a few Sony digital cameras but I do not fusy the small lens on those models. What camcorder that did catch my eye was the Panasonic PVGS 250 3CCD camcorder. It doesn't sound like a bad camera for the price. Even though its optical zoom (10x) is lower than most newer digital camcorders out there today, it does have some nice features. I had a look at it in the store today and I was impressed on the true vivid colour it displays. It even has a manual focus ring, and takes 3.1 megapixel still photos. It uses a Leica Dicomar lens, which isn't as small as some digital camcorders have. Sounds like a nice compact camera with quite a few features for the price.

I was wondering if anyone uses this type of camcorder, and what they think about it for storm chasing. I was thinking of getting this one in several weeks, after I've done a little saving and some research.
yeah, i have one. it takes pretty good stills. i havent had a chance to look at my video yet, but i will have to go back and look at it
It sucks. you need a 1/3 3 chipper to step up on the low light.. For the money your considering save another grand and get you a nice used panasonic dvx 100 or dvc 80. Also cinsider the sony vx2000 or pd 150
the footage is like night and day difference. lol
I considered the pv-gs 250 but went with the Pv-gs400 instead. The 400 has a 3 ccd setup and low light turns out some pretty good video. It has a 4 meg still photo capibility too. At $1400 it does what I need to. A 10 or 12 magnification is plenty. I shoot most storm video at 1/2 to 2 miles distance and seldom go over 5 power. If your funds prevent the purchase of a 400 ...the 250 is ok. You can easly spend more... but unless your shooting professional..why?