Options for dial-up internet access

Jason Boggs

I know, I know, your saying why are you posting a message for dial-up internet? It is ancient, and well, almost forgotten about. Well, here is the situation. My parents live in a very small town south of Pampa, TX and I visit them from time to time. They are 72 yrs old with no computer, thus no internet access. WIFI in the town is a no go. I figured if there is a severe wx threat in the eastern panhandle, I could just take my laptop to their house and chill until some storms got going. I am just wondering what some of you would do in that situation. Would net zero be ok or would you rather pay for the service? I think dial-up is really my only option. Oh, by the way, Pampa does have dial-up numbers and it is not long distance.
Economically, dial-up is probably your best option. You really just need a bare bones service, no content like AOL. Make sure you get something that is cheap and has dial in numbers where you need them. Some DSL providers give you access to dial-up service when you are on the road. I find myself using that service quite a bit when I travel. I'd look into that option if you are currently using DSL.

Other options...any chance your grandparents live in a suburban area? Might get some stray wi-fi into their house. Although, not the best option as its highly unreliable. You could also do cellular internet service. Cost is very high though compared to dial-up.