Oklahoma's tornado drought - when will it end?

When will Oklahoma's tornado drought end?

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January 28 marks 258 days since the last tornado recorded in Oklahoma, an ongoing record for the longest period without a tornado in the state's recorded weather history. Given Oklahoma's tornado history, this streak is bound to end sometime soon. But when?
It's interesting to me how this streak has gotten so much attention. Indeed, it is an interesting topic, but I've noted an almost urgent undertone in many comments on this thread, as if Oklahoma has "dried up."

I think that the even more impressive stat in Oklahoma tornado climatology is that we had 78 tornadoes in 2003 between March 17 and May 16 - less than two months. After 78 tornadoes in less than 60 days (20 above our annual average), we've gone 250-something without one. Seems pretty normal to me for OK :)
kinda like rain in West Texas. You have 5 inches of rain in 6 hours, and then it doesn't rain for 6 months

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