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Not so scary storm images.

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Mike Hollingshead

Ok, a lot of folks seemed to enjoy the scary image thread so why not do the opposite. Some scene/storm that seems more beautiful than anything. Since some other sites are linking this forum I would be really certain to put something on your image unless you want them stolen and passed around as not yours.


May 28, 2004 ne NE. I'll probably be accused of stealing my own image by posting that one.

Thinking of images for this thread I just thought of one of Eric Nguyen's. I'll have to find it and post it, unless he doesn't want it on here for some reason. I am guessing he won't mind the plug. I'm on dial up and listening to music online so it will be a bit before I find it and post it.....
It's simply not fair that you don't tell the rest of us where you are going to be during storm season. I WANT SOME OF THOSE PICTURES! :p

Mike, When's your next video coming out?

Keeping with the thread. My contribution...not bad considering it was my first attempt at storm chasing. And not in the plains to boot.
near Potato Creek, South Dakota - June 7, 2005
<img src=http://www.underthemeso.com/albums/chasetrip05/DSC3779.jpg>

I posted this one because it's the first time I've seen drop down gorgeous supercell updraft structure with a tornado occuring at the time. And to top it off, in beautiful rolling green hills south of the Badlands of South Dakota. Probably the top moment of my 2005 chase trip.

Mike U
It's a vidcap so the quality isn't as good as the photogs' material, but you get the point:

May 23, 2004 in Hampshire, Illinois:

Got this one facing south. It's a small part of a big, well-fed storm riding a line headed towards the Chicagoland area.

Just a quick one:
Kansas 24th May 2004 - 2nd tornadic cell near Topeka.


South Dakota LP supercell - 23rd May 2004

Supercell near Levelland West Texas - 3rd June 2003


Jimmy Deguara
Wow! Some pretty incredible and stunning images! Here's a few that I was fortunate to have caught with the lens in 2005:





Awesome pictures!

Aaron, it would be great if dates can be supplied as I am interested what days those images were taken. Same goes to others who haven't - it would be great as it helps give a different perspective!


Jimmy Deguara
Great thread! Here are a few of mine:

May 29, 2001 - Texas Panhandle supercell

July 15, 2003 - Scott Depot, WV lightning

June 1, 2004 - Charleston, WV congestus with pileus

December 10, 2004 - Fayette County, WV rainbow

August 8, 2001 - Hurricane, WV lightning

June 12, 2004 - Rock, KS tornado rope-out

June 9, 2005 - Rooks County, KS tornado rope-out

June 7, 2005 - Kadoka, SD CG with LP supercell

And one of my favorites of all-time, a chaser's dream scene, though just a video frame shot:

June 12, 2004 - Mulvane, KS double CG with tornado
Hi Dan,

The angle of the South Dakota supercell suggests you were not too far away from where we were. We actually were on top of a shooting range embankment which gave us an excellent view of the storm without obstacles. I recall the staccato lightning so I would say that I have it on video and will get a still later. Did you get a good timelapse of the storm? It rotated beautifully! To keep on track with the thread - perhaps send a private reply.

Back on track, thanks for the locations etc - absolutely incredible pictures. Once can really appreciate what storm chasing is all about when you see the variety of the images displayed here and of course on other galleries.


Jimmy Deguara
Well, these aren't mine (I have to develop my photos someday!), but I'm quite fond of them.

Somewhere in the plains, mid–late 1970s, by the NSSL Storm Intercept Project. (See the wall cloud down the bottom?)

Another one from the '70s sometime, this one by Steve Tegtmeier.