New Here


Hi, This is my first post. Been kind of boring in the sw corner of NE. Our friends to the North of us, have been slammed all month. N. Platte, Curtis, and Maywood. I wanted to drive into one huge cell a few weeks ago, but my car (Nissan) Blew a little dirt off the road/
I met some storm chasers by our park a couple of weeks ago. They had been chasing up from Mexico on Hwy. 83, following the dry line into CO. I was hoping they'd come back, that evening. They were from all over. Nice folks, hope they got some action. Glad to be here and still looking up...
I'm another newbie

Welcome! I'm new too. I've been ready to chase, but always seem to be a day late. By the time I'm convince there is something worthwhile to chase, it's to late for me to get there from here. I live in South Carolina. BUT......I'm leaving for Oklahoma Thursday for what I HOPE will be a good Friday night and Saturday. The people in here REALLY know there stuff, so pay attention, and you can learn a lot. I have already.
I think you may have met Tony and his gang...anyway you should pack your bags tonight and head into western/central NB tomorrow and follow this newly advertised system east for the fun on Friday and Saturday
(and if it doesnt pan out at least you would have chased on a pretty good probability event pending possible stubborn cap)
I dont think it could get anycloser to you without bitin ya!

good luck!!!
Welcome CLong.

When I first read your user ID it took me back to C programming language. Cringe! Only a computer geek would think something like that. LOL!