NEW all in one GPS XM Weather unit by Garmin!

Here you go folks, all in one GPS, XM Radar unit made by Garmin! It auto-routes like the StreetPilot, same size and shape as the popular 276C. Can run topo or CitySelect software and get this- built in XM Weather receiver! If you subscribe to the service for $29-$50 a month, you can get near real time weather (NexRad radar, wind speed, ocean conditions, hurricane and storm tracks) on the display- and XM radio stations with an audio ouput. Kinda pricey at $999 suggested retail, but you can pre-purchase one for $850. Not sure if anyone else has seen this thing, but looks damn cool!


I like the idea of an all-in-one unit, but DANG, that monitor is small! :?