National Geographic Channel - Secrets of the Tornado - 9/18

Jul 7, 2004
Dallas, TX
NGC will have "Secrets of the Tornado" on Explorer, Sunday Sept 18 at 8:00 ET/PT. In the preview they showed footage of Tim Samaras' probe deployment in Manchester, SD.
My apologies in advance if I say something stupid on the program....

"Secrets of the Tornado" is a brand new show of Explorer (season premier) that will air this Sunday evening...and it will have the video probe footage from Storm Lake, Iowa.

Be sure to turn down the volume so that you don't have to hear that nutcake with the orange thingies speak..

Oh, on a somewhat related subject...

I'm trying to get permission to come out with my own hilites tape from the past four years. If I get the green light....I hope to have it ready by Thanksgiving.

Please let me know if this would be of interest to folks..


Tim Samaras
Thanks Tim for the heads up. I will definitely be glued to the TV on Sunday night and for everyone else who hasn't seen his Storm Lake footage.....IT'S AMAZING!

Also, I would definitely purchase your highlights video.

Originally posted by Andrew Khan
What do you mean by probe deployment?

He's referring to Tim's tornado "turtles" / probes that he has successfully deployed on several occassions. The Storm Lake video is from his "media probe", which contains several high-speed camcorders to record video. I'm sure a Google search would show something, or perhaps Tim could chime in more if he wants.
I wish I had NGC!! Anyway of getting ahold of some type of copy or something of the show? Without having to buy it though NGC...

This is the storm that is from my home area! It was a great storm and I've seen some footage from the prove. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this show also contains some footage from Iowa State's tornado simulator??
yes it contains the simulator and the same texas tech tornado thing. that is the most boring part of any tornado show most of the time but this had them shooting the wood through car doors ect
The 2x4 shooting right through the 8" block wall hardly slowing down was pretty impressive!

The narration that twisting winds apply 1 1/2 times the force of straight-line winds is no doubt correct; however the statement I think I heard that this means 200 mph tornadic winds are thus equivalent to 300 mph straight-line winds is of course incorrect.

The videos are really spectacular! If I didn't have to go to bed for work tomorrow I'd watch it again at midnight.
Got no NG channel... :(

I've seen the videos on NG's site, but would really like to watch the complete show. Does anyone have spare video recording they could loan/give/sell me?

Great show Tim! I just finished watching it, and I really enjoyed seeing the tornado footage.

I also enjoyed watching the inside of the funnel and the ground level of a tornado!