Mobile laptop mount suggestions......

Aug 23, 2005
Ft. Worth, TX
Gonna take the new notebook PC chasing this season. I'll be using WxWorx Aviation, GPS, and Streets and Trips.

Any mobile mount advice will be appreciated. I'd appreciate both 'must own' and 'never own' reviews.


Originally posted by Jeff Snyder
I assume you've done a search of the forums for this topic, since it has been covered in the past a few times. If not, you'll probably get some good information by doing so. Here are a few that I've found:

Obviously I didn't search all forums. I did a topical scan of this forum and decided to ask. This sort of information evolves. Opinions can change with time.

Thanks for the links. I'll read them.

I'm looking for a mobile laptop mount either for Christmas or possibly early next year before spring weather gets here. My uses are for GPS and of course when I do my weather spotting. I've been searching and found a few threads on them, and tried the links listed above but they're not working. I own a 99 Expedition and would like it to be accessible by the driver and passenger, as many times I've got another spotter with me. Suggestions? I'd also like to keep the cost low but am willing to pay a little more if it's worth it. Thanks!
Bought a jotto desk, never looked back. From what I've heard and is also described in the other forums posts thorughout the site, stick with one make specifically for your vehicle, not the 'universal' ones unless you're ready to drill holes.

Jotto Desk is great. Cannot remember where I saw one, it was on some TV show about tornadoes and a chaser's vehicle had one and I freeze-framed it to see the word "Jotto". The rest, thanks to "the Google", is history. I have one for my Chevy Tahoe and it is fantastic. Been through 130,000 miles and many a hurricane and has never been anything but perfect.