LOVE - 2004 Storm Chase Adventures by Shane Adams

A very good year for Shane and you get to ride along feeling and hearing his passion for tornados..
Transitions between scenes are well done and great choices in songs..

Once again I get to set in the passenger seat seeing what I missed 6-12. and latter part of 5-29(bad slimy road choice) and most of 3-27

Worth getting when Shanes re-releases "Love"

Shane Adams' passion for chasing shows in the energy of his first chase DVD, “Love.†From the opening title sequence, this collection of Shane’s best work from 2004 is unrelenting motion and kinetics. “Love†wastes no time defining itself: some of the coolest, most varied and dynamic tornadoes of the year. Almost no frames follow without them, and rightly so, as Shane’s season was marked by chase after chase of photogenic tubes, wedges, multi-vortex wedges, and elephant trunks from interesting and sometimes exclusive angles.

March 27th's surprise chase starts the journey, four tornadoes and the majestic supercell that sat over I-40 and teased for so long before producing twin funnel touchdowns again later, all of which are well-documented.

On May 12, Shane captured an exclusive anti-cyclonic tornado that actually preceded the Sharon tube. His footage of Sharon, however, is the best I’ve seen with a dramatic and violent circulation at the surface that “Love†features extensively. This was a far more interesting tornado than some of us with poorer angles realized. “Love†shows the compact power of what Shane calls a "drillbit" grinding into the plains, with a display of red dust and sloping condensation curves. Later the team pursues the Attica tornado as it lifts debris under a roping tube.

“Love†heads for Nebraska where on May 22, Shane captures an intense circulation while the radio blares a strangely-echoed "North Platte Repo Sale" ad and the chasers struggle to reposition ahead of the roping funnel

There’s tornadoes from May 22nd and 24th and then, capping that unforgettable week, the 29th starts with the Waldron tornado, always a beauty. “Love†captures the sun climbing the solid trunk of this nearly-stationary tornado, "anchored" as Shane says, to the peaceful Kansas horizon. But as we now know, the Tornado Machine was just getting started. Later the crew catches a glimpse of the wedge and continues a dramatic pursuit. At 8:30 PM, the chasers spot another tornado near a grain bin followed by a multi-vortex circulation north of Argonia. The chasers are stunned by the rapid development of this big cylinder, as I am each time I see it. This tornado forms, grows large and violent, and dissipates within minutes then appears again, repeating the cycle several times in a mesocyclonic carousel. This is one of the most interesting tornadoes of the season, an awesome display as satellites vortices spin around the robust main circulation. The Argonia wedge is a spectacle.

June 12 opens with a great shot of a circulation and descending funnel cloud, and Shane's exhortions are quickly met with a close lightning strike that causes a split-second camera flare and some hasty shelter. Tornado number two is another smooth funnel dropping from a well-lit and laminar base with gentle swirls surrounding the cone.

As with so many videos this year, Mulvane steals the show. “Love†presents a great angle on this swirling vortex of light, bright white against the gray precip background, pulling a world's worth of debris into the twisting spiral. Chasers say this tornado seemed to glow and “Love†renders that effect brilliantly. The tornado points their direction as it tilts from the base of the storm, seeming to stretch toward them. This is followed by the ethereal Rock tornado, backlit in oranges and browns while a family of locals expresses amazement at the show in their own backyard. Then the nocturnal Atlanta tornado takes the crew on a goose chase through small towns and backroads.

I don’t know anybody who loves chasing more than Shane Adams. His unconditional joy resonates in the vibrancy of this debut DVD, in every line of anxious dialog, every phone call to 911 or NWS, every breathless expression of wonder at what he and his friends might see next. A mandatory DVD for the unimpeachable shelf of 2004.

Amos Magliocco
My review of LOVE.

I can’t say it any simpler than this. I love it! Two thumbs up for LOVE. The thought and creativity Shane put into this DVD is proof of his passion for chasing and also bringing you a high quality DVD right to your living room. There is no doubt the May 29 and June 12 segments will have you on the edge of your seats and make people, like myself, who missed those days cry. Make sure you buy it when it is re-released. You will not be disappointed at all.

My DVD arrived in the mail today (thanx for the quick posting Shane!), everything was dropped and into the DVD player it went. What can I say: awesome!!! Was almost like I was there...

Great job Shane!

Be well, TR

As a P.S., after seeing some of the footage, my g/f has informed me that if I marry her, and when the kids are growed up and moved out, she will come with me to the central plains for vacations yearly, and will even entertain the possibility of moving there for 3 months of the year. Kewl!!!

Shane, do I have to pay extra for that? :lol:
After watching Shane's video, I understand how the word "passion" became associated with him. This is one intense video with excellent tornado footage. Hearing Shane's comments while videotaping shows his true passion for tornadoes.

A must have for any video library.
The new version of LOVE is now available. All pre-orders will be shipped tomorrow, and all orders from here on out will be processed/shipped within 2-3 days (excepting paper check orders). There's a teaser for the video now also, in both Windows media and RealPlayer formats. Just click my signature link to view.

Thanks to Mickey Ptak for putting the trailer together :cheers:
I just gone done watching this a while ago, and wow. Very energetic, and lots of great tornadoes. Even if not for the tornadoes, I got caught up in the action and excitment of Shane and others as if I was there and it felt really good. I can't add much to Amos' thorough review, but to add my sentiments that this is a really good video. I had a lot of fun, and learned a few things from it, which I'll have to remember.

Great job, Shane (and Mickey, and others)!
I just watched "LOVE" and I am very impressed with the shots that you got. I will say it is one of the best chaser videos I have seen. I "LOVE" the way it was put together and all the dialog, which is humorous at times but it still shows your concern for the locals in the small towns. Great job!!

Everyone else,
If you haven't bought this DVD, what are you waiting for!! This is one to add to your collection!
I must say, I LOVE LOVE. What is that old song? All you need is LOVE? There ya go. This video is a classic video and certanly a must have for all of us chase video collectors. I am pretty certain it is Shane's first big video release. If there were events this year that as a chaser your a$$ should of been on, the ones Shane got were those. May 12 sc KS, May 29 sc KS, and June 12 sc KS! I mean c'mon, most years nailing one of these would make you happy for the year. Nail them all and well you have yourself a fine set of tubes to make a fine video, which Shane has done.

Words honestly only go so far in all these fancy schmancy video reviews some do. The only real way to understand what we say here is the obvious way. I will follow suit stating what I like, hoping it convinces a few of you to purchase the video. The amount of time and work that goes into pretty much any video is very great and one should be happy they can see these events through the eyes of some of the die hards out there.

May 12. Perspective on things really amazes me in what it does in regards to percieved strength. Shane's view of the first tornado this day shows a rather intense circulation, appearing a bit stronger then other videos I've seen of the tornado. It was just a very nice overall chase that inludes alot of the structure of this storm and the entire life-cycle of the first tornado. The zoomed in parts of this tube show the violent rotation chewing up the red dirt at break neck speeds.

May 29, ummmm, wow. Storm of the year in it's full splendor. I shouldn't even say anything here, you should just check it out to understand. It is all very well shot and the commentary is perfect. I was impressed by the early tornado footage on this one, then I saw the Argonia insanity....jeeesh. What an unreal tornado! I have never seen tornado video of a large torando just going round and round this common center. It would go east with the storm a bit as the storm moves east, then as the storm slowly keeps moving in it's path this large tornado slows and treks back west a bit, then as it gets to the edge of the circulation then it surged around and east again, only to do this over and over and over as the storm slowly moved east allowing some amazing video of the event. One has to LOVE such backlit, precip free wedges at dusk....let alone when the thing puts on this tricky little show of going round and round and changing shape so much.

And of course, June 12 Mulvane. I think they shot all of Mulvane(including the earlier tor) from this one spot. Hell the close cg strikes make the segment amazing alone. Then plant one of the most incredible tornadoes ever captured on video in the scene and you have yourself something truly special. I think everyone is fairly familar with this tornado now and some of the footage of it. Shane's shot when it gets that house is among my favorites of them all(no it isn't my desire to see things leveled). They are quite close. All the sudden this empty sky is filled with debris fragments taking up a lot of volume. It is just amazing to see this on video, I can't imagine what that was like in person. Destruction of course isn't "cool", but this should show to any naive person just how much respect should be given as the display of power on this one is just very impressive to me. When someone is over for something I pull this video out and say, "you have to see this man". I don't do that to very many videos, to non-chasers.

Big thanks to Shane for recording and offering this to us.

Info here:

Shane Adams makes his video debut chronicling his 2004 chase season with the aptly titled DVD, "LOVE." Shane's passion for chasing and tornadoes is quickly evident from the start as he takes the viewer on a ride with unique perspectives and tripoded video documenting tornadoes on six different chase days with the main meat of this release consisting of May 12, May 29, and June 12.

After chasing down four tornadoes in west Oklahoma with enthusiasm on March 27, Shane finds himself near Attica, KS on May 12 with some beautiful tripoded footage of the day's first tornado, capturing it from it's humble beginnings. As dust lifts toward the condensation funnel, the tornado seems to perform just for Shane as it moves into an area of better contrast while strengthening considerably evident with zoomed in shots of the debris cloud. Shane appropriately compared it to the Bird City, KS tornado and commented that this "may be the best footage of my career." Little did he know what the rest of the year held in store for him.

Moving us into May 29 by way of Nebraska tornadoes on May 22 and 24, we're treated to the storm of the day in south-central Kansas. This day begins with the Waldron tornado complete with the display of sunlight illuminating lower half of the condensation funnel, a sight that would've made any chaser's day. The cell doesn't stop there though as it cycles with the chase continuing to Argonia. Here, Shane presents the viewer with an beautifully backlit display of this tornado with individual vortices rotating around the meso like a carousel performing a beautifully violent dance before transforming into a wedge while another tornado ropes out to the west. Truly an amazing day.

June 12 is the perfect follow-up of May 29, as Shane captures the Mulvane, KS tornado from the start with bolts crashing nearby. As the condensation funnel works it's way to the ground, the tornado stretches into the sunlight, glowing brilliantly before striking the Landis home and sending a shroud of debris into the air. The tornado continues to churn before soon becoming contorted and performing a graceful rope-out but is soon followed by the Rock, KS tornado at sunset and the Atlanta, KS landspout-like tornado at dusk, which concludes Shane's first video offering.

After viewing "LOVE" no one can doubt the passion and dedication Shane holds for chasing, and I'll certainly be looking forward to his future releases.

Count Me in...

After reading through all of the previous posts and watching the previews, I was quite impressed already. I've bought a number of storm chaser DVDs before but this one takes the cake with the marvelous sound track that's on the DVD.

Just to let you know i've already purchased this LOVE DVD. Now I have something in the mailbox to look forward to instead of staring at the Weather Channel for any mention of storms/tornadoes (another SDS sign).

I will plan on taking storm spotter classes this Spring and hopefully I will hook up with another storm chaser for a memorable tornado chase. 8)

Re: Count Me in...

Now I have something in the mailbox to look forward to instead of staring at the Weather Channel for any mention of storms/tornadoes (another SDS sign).

Larry you will not be disappointed at all. LOVE is one of the best storm chasing DVD's out right now. When you look the word "Passion" up in the dictionary you will find "Shane Adams passion for chasing" right underneath it. Perhaps I am being bias because Shane is a friend, chase partner, and I produced the video but I guarantee that no one will be disappointed in LOVE. If you don't have LOVE get it today because you are missing out on some great tornado footage.

Re: Count Me in...

Now I have something in the mailbox to look forward to instead of staring at the Weather Channel for any mention of storms/tornadoes (another SDS sign).

Larry you will not be disappointed at all. LOVE is one of the best storm chasing DVD's out right now. When you look the word "Passion" up in the dictionary you will find "Shane Adams passion for chasing" right underneath it. Perhaps I am being bias because Shane is a friend, chase partner, and I produced the video but I guarantee that no one will be disappointed in LOVE. If you don't have LOVE get it today because you are missing out on some great tornado footage.


I agree! Like I mentioned to Shane in a PM. I enjoyed his video. Told him it was "crazy" LOL, the part of him jumping in front of the camera. And the tornados he's captured on film were awesome. Absolutely worth buying. My husband bought it and it's now part of our dvd library, something we watch all the time now.

I big round of applause for Shane and.........'LOVE'. As well as Mick for producing it. Great job you guys.
After watching "Love", I was left with a severe case of SDS! All I can say is wow! Shane captured the best tornadoes of the year. The May 12th Sharon (or Gerlane) tornado is, IMO, the most beautiful tornado ever. Shane's May 29th Harper Co. Ks video is just awesome, I just wish I could have been there :cry: I particularly enjoyed Shane's footage of the June 12th tornado near Mulvane. He was extremely close to this tornado as it crossed the road in front of him and went on to destroy a home.

Shane had a great season and captured some amazing shots. His DVD is a must buy. Good luck next year Shane!

Shane's video, "Love", is a powerful testimony to the restless pursuit of tornado chasing. I felt the frustration when the grove of trees blocked line of sight, the thrill of conquer at the half whispered "Yes, Yes" at his prize, and the anguish when the Argonia wedge was feared close to the town, as well as when the Mulvane tornado struck that home.

Each tornado is the "prize" of a long day's work of targeting, and this video is a must see for any tornado enthusiast. From ropes to elephant trunks to gigantic wedges, you'll, as he says whenever he strikes a good one, "gonna party tonight" when you see this video. A true enthusiast's classic.
LOVE is only $14.95 on ebay through the end of the month. Simply enter "tornado videos" on your search window.