Looking for a new Tripod; Input sought

In readying for the 2007 season (even though it has arguably already started) I've read a few samplings of tripod reviews and would love to hear the input from this forum on a good, solid, sturdy tripod brand/model.

I chase with a relatively light/small MiniDV camcorder, but a heavier Canon 30D with long lenses and need a solid tripod that will serve me better than the $40 minimalist model that I'm currently operating with.

I'd prefer one with a small detachable head/mount piece that I can buy duplicates of (so that I can leave these mounting parts attached to the cameras and just "snap" the cameras into place as need be and don't have to screw onto each camera each time I want to switch...).

Thanks in advance!
Hi- Very happy with the Manfrotto 458B tripod and 322RC2 head. A bit pricey but should last forever.
Legs just pull down and lock and unlock with the push of a button. Pretty smooth. It has am attached strap for carrying.
The head is a swivel/panning type head that fliips every which way, with levels in it.
It's sturdy- I've used it with a 13 pound 400mm lens.


Hope that helps.
Manfrotto tripods are the way to go. I have the 3221 WN Wilderness tripod that's about 200 dollars. It is very steady and it has served me well over the last 4 or 5 years.
Oh yes... and with the Manfrottos, I have about 5 of the mounting plates attached to the video camera, the 400mm lens, 2 camera bodies, etc.
It's nice not having to change those out all the time. I bought the spares on eBay for about $11 each.