Live New Orleans Police Scanner & listener reports

Hmm, they just called for a "critical mission" because of shots fired at the Children's Hospital.

*edit* They're calling in SWAT!
Good lord... I hope the police officers are okay through this one... must be scary as hell working there... god bless them. I hope they get a chance to put some looting crack addict medicine thieves in the ground...

Just said they're trying to commandeer 1,000 buses at the Crescent City Connection for the dome.

This is surreal.
Not workin' for me... anyone else get it working?

It's not working for me either. I've tried it from IE, Firefox, straight into WMP, and straight into RealOne. Every time, it tells me that the location cannot be found. :?:
They just told everyone to stay off the air unless there is an emergency, because the SWAT team at the Children's Hospital needs it.