Last Blizzard Warning for Northern OK

John Diel

Mar 25, 2004
North Central Oklahoma
My Swiss Cheese memory is giving me fits today. Does anyone know, when the last "Blizzard" warning was for Northern Oklahoma or Kay County OK was? Does anyone know where I can find this info? I would love to have this as some weather trivia for tomorrow's Morning Show.

John Diel
Alright, if I had more time I could find this. There was definitly a very large plains blizzard just last year, unless I'm having that swiss cheese problem too. God, now I want to know the answer as well. Overall, the plains seem to get "techinical blizzards" a lot more than the great lakes, but we the more relentless pounding.
I believe the one your referring to last year was the blizzard that affected Eastern CO, and central and western NE. Wind gusts were above hurricane force at times with that system and parts of NE had 2 feet of snow.
I'm looking for Northern Oklahoma specific. Preferably Kay County. Googling nets me something in 2003, but I believe that refers to Wichita rather than NOK.
John.....I was listening to KTUL Channel 8 Tulsa and they said this was the first Blizzard Warning the Tulsa local National Weather Service has issued one for their area as far as they can remember. You may be just out of the Tulsa National Weather Service right? Just thought I would pass along what I heard while watching Channel 8.
I appreciate all the responses. In all our research (short of actually asking OUN) we haven't found the last "Blizzard Warning". Oh well, suffice to say, it was some time ago.

Even a few years ago where we got a large amount ofsnow, we only saw the Winter Storm Warning and Heavy Snow Warnings as there wasn't a lot of wind.

Thanks again!

John Diel