Jeff Wear Memorial Fund to close

Dec 4, 2003
I will be ending management of the Jeff Wear Memorial Fund this week. This is for three reasons: donations have dried up ($454 additional; most of it during the last week of July), Katrina charities have risen into prominence, and because I don't trust Paypal or web security and prefer not to have an idle account in my name. Stormtrack members and visitors have until Wednesday for any last minute contributions to his family.

Donate via Paypal

I have let Marilyn (Jeff's mom) know that we would be happy to continue supporting the fund via our forum links if she wishes to set up a Paypal account; I'm waiting to hear back. If that happens then it would just be a change of hands.

On another note I would like to thank Jerry Barnes, Cynthia Rose, BNVN/Doug Kiesling, Walt Gish, and Robert Schafer for the latest donations (all of them in late July except for Jerry Barnes). The BNVN/Kiesling and Walt Gish donations were particularly generous.

OK, that would explain why I haven't heard anything yet. I'll probably keep it open for another week, then.