I need to start carrying my cameras around

Mar 6, 2006
Norman, OK
At the intersection of I-35 and Robinson, where they're building the new Super Target...a 5-15 meter wide, 50-100 meter high dust devil with very rapid surface rotation. No visible damage, though it did spin over a few pickup trucks.

Would have made a great photo/video opportunity.
I know what you mean. Theres been multiple occasions when I wish I would have had a camer with me. I've came across accidents, fires, and clouds where I wish I would have had a camera, but didnt. I need to buy a relatively cheap, yet good digital camera.
Hehehe...saw one bigger than that week before last in that same place...had to have been at least 50 meters across, couple hundred meters high and pretty intense motion at the surface. T'was the biggest dust devil I've ever seen :D ! I did have my cameras with me, but didn't have time to get them out of the bag. I'm planning on going up there later this afternoon just for a bit of dust devil chasing :lol:
I'm planning on going up there later this afternoon just for a bit of dust devil chasing :lol:


I do this every summer here at my job. We have 60+ acres here and it is solid dust/cement/cancerous inhalants. Needless to say it makes for some very spectacular, LARGE, and violent looking dust devils. The biggest I have seen so far is about 40-50 yards in diameter. That was 8 years ago though when I worked outside.

What's funny though is that when I come out here to actually wait for them with a vidcam they never happen. lol So I only have one film. I will do it again a few times this summer.

Construction sites are great for dust devil chasing, as are freshly plowed farm fields. As a teenager, I would often drive out on summer days around my hometown of Plainfield, IN, just to find them so I could watch for dust devils. I had more than one police officer, construction worker, and concerned resident ask me what in the world I was doing. I always just told the truth, and in most cases it was no problem. Once, however, I did have someone leave a note on my car asking why I kept parking in his neighborhood and walking down to this field. He left a number on the note to call him, so I did. It took me some time to explain to him what I was doing, but after I convinced him (I think), that I was not doing anything shady, he was amiable enough, and started suggesting other places I might go (maybe just to get rid of me, I don't know).
I live out in the desert north of Tucson Arizona. Dust devils are a way of life here, especially in central and southern Az. It is not uncommon during the summer to look out over the cotton fields between here and Phoenix to our north and see 5 to 10 of these things spinning at once...sometimes lasting for 45 min. or more! And man........some can be downright scary. The fastest rotating ones you can hear coming from a good distance. I went to junior high at this ancient old school right in the middle of the cotton fields. One day we were outside for our Phys Ed class.....and a HUGE one came towards us. We watched it for a good 10 minutes...then as it was almost on us...this dust devil actually lifted several of those big, heavy wooden bleachers that 12 or 15 football players will sit on when on the sidelines of games...and lift them up way up in the air and twirl them around like batons. Our coach / instructor began yelling to "get down" "get down".....while a lot of the gals and some of the wimpy city kids began screaming. My buddies and I just thought it was the coolest thing! We wanted it to hit us, but it veered away. Bummer.
Over the years during summer drives up I-10 to Phoenix, large dust devils have intercepted me. They can really rock your vehicle. I drive a Ford F-350 dual rear wheel pickup...a big massive vehicle, and there have been times when I've felt like I'm going to get pushed into the ditch or shoved into the vehicle next to me. Living around here, drivers who are smart and have the experience with these things know to really grab onto their steering wheels and brace yourself tightly if you are forced to go thru big dust devils.
I cannot tell you how many times I've seen some really "classic" multi-vortex devils, too.
What time are you going up there, Angie?
No luck Friday...think it was a bit too windy. Going to try again this coming afternoon. If I can get everything done early, may head to the corner about 1-1:30 (that will give me about an hour before work).
Lol, Mickey....that's prolly what happened...the camera scared them off :p
I started lugging around a cheap digital camera in my truck, came in handy earlier on this afternoon during some incredible downburst events south of lubbock.